Chapter 24- Player

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Part 2 of flashback

Skylar then walked up to Jeremy & his friends , she then tapped him lightly on his shoulder.

He spun around , as he recognised his face . He seemed a bit shocked & sad. I then walked up to them & stood beside Skylar.

She then got her courage & stated , "Jeremy . I think I like you , as like more than a friend."
My eyes darted towards his , as he looked like he didn't want her to say that.
My mind had countless thoughts , but none of them could help me figure out why he was being so ... suspicious .

Out of the blue his friends then started laughing hysterically , while he just stood there ... he looked shocked . George , the main leader of their group said "Why didn't you tell her it wasn't real?! Jeremy , ur-too-- hillarious!", Which was all between his laughs.

Skylar looked me in confusion , I turned to George and asked in a stern voice "what the hell do u mean , by it wasn't real?!".

His group of friends all then said in sinc "It was just a dare!".

I looked to Jeremy in disbelief . "Is it true.." , my voice cracked softly .
He looked at me with his apologetic eyes , which told me all the answers I needed. I then closed my eyes really tight , to calm myself down .

Skylar then softly asked, "why didn't you just tell me.."

His eyes welled up as he said, "I didn't wanna hurt your feelings... I couldn't bring myself to do it. I know what I did was wrong & I'm really sor-"


He looked even more regretful , as he was about to say something she stopped him.

"Save it for another time. And by another time I mean never show yourself to me again.. do u hear me ? NEVER!" She then fled away to the bathrooms.

My first reflex is to alway go after her. But I spared her some time & wanted to teach Ethan a lesson.

"Hey Ethan, do u wanna go out with me sometime?" I said in a total fake hoe accent, as I twirled my hair in front of my shoulders .

"Oh shit yeh , your like the hottest girl here" As he tried to make a move on me , I slapped him so hard across his face , my hand turned into a bright red. He clutched his face as he swore
multiple times .
I then finished him off by kicking him , where it hurts most for guys, he then he rolled into the floor.

His friends all were trying to help him up , while Jeremy just looked at me . In his eyes I knew how sorry he was , but he lost his chance .
I just went up to him and whispered in front of his face .
"I thought you were better than this."

I then took off & found Skylar in the bathroom stall crying & bawling her eyes out.


She kept weeping.

I knew what I had to do. Although I hate raising my voices at her, I needed to get this message across to her loud and clear.

"Skylar! Listen to me right now."

She immediately silenced herself as she was shocked.
I then continued.

"Life is full of precious moments ok. Happy,Sad & shitty . I know what your going through ok .

You can't let this shitty memory get to you. If you do , you'll be classified as weak! We don't want that do we?"

She shook her head.

"So we are gonna walk out of this bathroom & have the best weekend & enjoy being single . We have a Shawn Mendes concert to get to.

Hey... I know it feels like the worlds gonna end . But it's not the end. One day you'll find a guy who's gonna treasure you & love u so freaking much, that he'll go out of his mind if he ever sees you hurt . Ok , I promise that day will come. But for now , let's get your head out of the clouds and enjoy life while we can okay?"

She then hugged me , as we both walked out.

That was the last day , she ever felt this hurt/sad.

End of Flashback

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