Chapter 18- Cold Flashbacks

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-~Lenny's POV~-

I can't BELIEVE it ! Who in the world would cheat on someone , especially Annabeth. Personally I don't think people who cheat on their partners get another chance , I'm glad Annabeth didn't give we ex another chance . She explained to me the whole story of how Dimitri cheated on her with one of we fake friends & blah blah blah.

So basically it was their 1st anniversary & Annabeth wanted to surprise Dimitri with their first date scenery .
So basically she took him to a restaurant where they had their first date. They talked/ ate , she then excused herself to the bathroom.
When she came out she saw him leaving with another girl which was one of her fake friends. She basically put in all that effort in return for a Broken heart.

People in the world who cheat are basically pathetic. They partner doesn't deserve it. When you find someone you like firstly you get to know them. Personally I mainly look at her personality . It's what usually attracts me to a girl. And eyes ... OMG they are my weakness. Girl who's have pretty eyes are just 😍. But my Annabeth has the best pair I've ever seen.


-~Annabeth's POV~-

I told him ! I finally told him ! I've literally been postponing whenever I w wanted to tell him . BUT IT FINALLY OUT! *sigh* I'm so relieved that my grave secret is out . Len & I walked downstairs to see what everyone else was doing. They all seemed fine. Bur I still feel some tension between Len & John , they should talk. I whispered into lens ear " hey , you should really talk to John , he looks really sad ". He just simply nodded and moved towards him. I'm so glad I had him.


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