Self Help

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A/N: Hey guys , ik some of u might b thinking , where's that chapter 15 ? Why aren't u updating . I just wanna post this cause I need some REAL ADVISE. I don't know about u , but once in a while I get depressed... but the stupid annoying think about me is that I can 'easily' get depressed.

(Sorry plz mind my language , Coarse language ahead.)

Right now is mainly coz of some really annoying ass bitches. ( I don't only call girls bitches , just a hint). And I just tend to blame myself for it. I always think to myself why are I here , I don't like life , it sucks ! So I basically need advice . Plz let me know in the comments if u know any ways 2 ease depression or anxiety . I just wanted to let this out here coz not many of my friends have Wattpad & I don't want them drowning me @ skool with questions so yeh. if u go 2 my skool & ur reading this then don't ask me about it ...

*sigh* I just needed 2 let that out , now I'm probably gonna watch my fav youtubers coz they make me happy :) If u ever felt depressed maybe we can tlk ? Like on kik maybe ? Idk ?! I'll update ASAP which will probs b at the end of the week .... Ik I'm so sorry , I have a maths & science test on the same day ( Friday ) & I'm stressing out since I'm rlly not smart ;( bye guys .

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