Chapter 21- Matters resolved

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John's POV:

So basically Len & I are good now, actually we're not good ... we're great! I can't believe it's all actually over. All the fighting and arguments .

The shouting , the crying . All the pain I felt is all suddenly gone. It basically disappeared .
I feel sooooo much better now . Now I think we should both go back to the living room , otherwise we wouldn't want the other guys to think we're still fighting or arguing.

I walked through the living room , turns out everyone was doing their own thing still. No one noticed me ... lol . I dropped myself next to Paulie on the couch .

I think he was googling something on his iPhone ? I think he was concentrating to much that he hardly notice me.
So I glanced over his shiny phone as I read the words clearly. It said 'How to tell if a girl likes you?'.


I started laughing my head off and slapping his knee playfully , he jumped and put his hand over my mouth. I think I might've startled him.

"Hahahahaha who's the unlucky girl ?" , I joked.

He put his hand over his heart to show how good his acting skills were to tell me he was hurt.

"Come on ! tell me !!" I pleaded .

"Nope" he spat out of his mouth .

"Whyyyy ????" I whined .

"No one knows , and I plan to keep it like that." He shot back.

"Please ? I'll tell u what Len and I talked about " , I smiled innocently.

"Fine ... Umm she's in this room ." He sighed .

I scanned the room looking for her. "Oooohhh I found her!" I smirked.

"I don't believe u?" he said confused .

"I'll prove it , " I snapped . I walked with my shoulders punching through the air back and forth. I pointed at Solo and winked , Paulie reaction was a face palm.

I ran back to him and jumped next to him. I simply just said "Skylar" rolling the 'r' to show him what a boss I am!

"Okay shut up, and tell me what u and Len talked bout ?" he said.

"Oh okay , it's a bit of a long story " .

"We've got nothing but time".


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