Chapter 11- Truth Or Dare?

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-~Annabeth's POV~-

"I wanna go first! Can I please go first ?!" Skylar announced loudly making sure we could all hear. All the boys including me shouted in union "YES , WE CAN HEAR YOU!" she then started smiling weirdly .
Oh Skylar , she'll never change. Suddenly I started thinking about my friendship with Skylar , it's lasted for about 8 years now. 8 years & we're still strong & closer than ever! I'm really glad I have her along side with me. To be honest , I never knew why Skylar chose me over all the other girls at school. (They both finished school together )
About every single girl & guy wanted to know her & be friends with her. She was basically beautiful inside & out. Which I am totally thankful for. I also noticed she had been asked out multiple times but never accepted any of them. I wonder if she has a crush on any of the JC boys ? 😏 I'll probably ask her later .

So basically after I snapped put of my little day-dream, we all started talking. Skylar said while llaughing, " I dare Paulie to go out on any of Annabeth's clothes , & model in them in front of us !" . " No way, that is not happening !" I demanded.
"Don't worry, it's all a dare bub " lenny comforted then grinned. Pauline basically walked overdo my closer then looked back at us and said " Don't any of u sneak a peek, I want my choice to be a surprise ! " He warned.

We all nodded simultaneously & everyone closed their eyes while I covered them . For some reason I don't like closing my eyes without covering them with my hands. Is that normal ? eh I'm not normal at all! Paulie then screamed out in a high pitched voice " I'm ready ! " . We all turned towards his stunned & we all started cracking up wildly. He was basically wearing my pjs ? Lol nice one Paulie. He wore my long pj top that had 'I woke up like this.... Flawless '
He definitely had style all thanks to me 💁. Solo quickly snapped a pic of Paulie posing & posted it on Instagram ASAP. Paulie's face started going red which was so adorable haha. I then saw Skylar sort of like staring at him? ooooooooooohhhhh myyyyyyyy grieverrrrrrr ( my language : The Maze Runner reference , if u love TMR then I love u ! )
I sent her a text on kik saying "who u looking at? ur crush ?" . I could tell when she read it she started blushing . I knew her so well, I texted her before she could even text me back adding "don't worry, your secrets safe with me ;p". She then sent me a smiley face yay. We were finally gonna get on with the game. Suddenly a bold voice said " My go ." None of us recognised that voice , we then realised it was John's voice. He then stated proudly " I dare Annabeth to kiss me ". Everyone's eyes widened in shock while I could see & feel Lenny's arm tense really fast. I felt like time was going so slow now, but I didn't even know what to do? This was not what anyone expected .


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