Chapter 4- Meeting the boys!

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Authors Note : incase u don't know POV stands for ' Point Of View ' . ik that may sound dumb but just letting some people know incase ;p
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Lenny's POV: I really don't understand why we have to stay at this family's house ? I mean can't we just go to a hotel? Oh well i guess it's a new experience. We just pulled into their driveway and WOW their house looked huge and really comfy. We all got our luggage out which was alot.
We all walked up to the door and patiently waited for Paulie to ring the doorbell. We heard footsteps as we comment towards the door. We were then greeted by a friendly woman" hello boys , come on in" she said enthusiastically. We all said our greetings but suddenly something caught my eye, that's when I saw a very beautiful girl slowing walking down the stairs towards us.

Her brown hair , and her sparkly brown/hazel eyes locked into mine.
She wore a big red jumper which brought her gorgeous eyes out.
She was way too damn pretty to stop looking at. "H-hi my names Annabeth"
She quickly said looking away from me to the others. "Hello" we all said in union... Well everyone except me. "Hi um hi " I stuttered out of my mouth.
"You alright Len?" Luckas whispered through my left ear. "Yeh ... I'm fine , just fine." I muttered pretty fast so that he could hardly understand. But he ended up shaking it off. Everyone started to give Annabeth warm hugs, now it was my turn. oh my gosh what if I say something stupid ? what is I muck up ? ITS OK LEN just be U !

"Hello love" I gave her a big smile which probably showed off my amazing dimples . She then blushed which I found sooooo adorable . I then pulled her in for a hug , I noticed thy her hair smelt like strawberries. "Who's hungry ?" her mum yelled from the kitchen. I pulled away from Annabeth and smiled, she smiled back then looked down. Awwwww she was so shy bless her, she was so cute. Wait Len , what are you saying ? You just met her! " Starvinggg !" Paulie yelled excitedly as we all laughed and headed towards the kitchen.


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