Chapter 16- I'll Protect You

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-~Skylar's POV~- ( Past & Now )

Where is Annabeth & Lenny ? They should be back soon coz it's getting pretty late. The rest of the boys found out that Unfriended was on TV & they wanted to watch it. I hardly get scared of horror movies so I just agreed to it, *sigh * boys are always boys eh . The movie was been playing for about 10-15 mins so far , and this is exactly how I feel ...... OH MY GRIEVER OMG WHAT IT THAT EW AH HOW THE HECK IS SHE STILL ALIVE !!!! OMG HELLPPP MEEEEE , WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU THE MOST ANNABETHHHHH.

I like have never gotten scared by a horror movie but OMG THIS IS HORRIFYING! For some reason I though I heard the front door open , I was too scared to look back . I realised no one else noticed it , so I tried to act natural .
Paulie noticed me flinching & spoke up " awwwww are u scared ?? " I put my acting skills to work & put on a game face " oh hell no , I'm ... just... cold ...yehh..hehe " I basically wanted to face-palm myself . Paulie then replied " its ok .... I'll protect you ".

This basically made me awwwwww in my mind of cause . We turned to the TV at the wrong moment . It was a sudden tense scene . I basically jumped and clung unto Paulie like a bear in the attic ocean. He chuckled still with his arm on my shoulder. I then slowly layer my head oh his shoulder coz I lost some energy due to being scared ( IDEK ? DON'T ASK )

There was another tense scene coming up ..... I was ready to jump , but something unexpected happened . All I heard was "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!"
Which basically made Paulie & I scream loudly & high pitched . I never thought Paulie would have a high-pitched scream. It was soooo funny !
We are both Pitch Perfect 😘

We both realised Lenny & Annabeth
That scared us. What made us all laugh was that Sampson didn't notice anything at all. He was listening to music on his headphones . Annabeth & Lenny kept smirking at me & Paulie which made me turn red .
Annabeth gave me a certain look it looked stern but worried at the same time. I knew she needed to talk to me privately about something , it had to be important . So I excused myself from Paulie & went upstairs with her into her bedroom followed by her.


We sat on her bed and explained stuff to me. It was about her ex bf , Dimitri . Even saying his name aloud made me hate him even more. He basically cheated oh Annbaeth , when I found out I told her & she basically exploded. When we both confronted him he kept denying it .
She broke up with him straight away. It was hard for her :(
It was even harder to watch her suffer & deal with it. I protected her from then on with a lot of care & made sure he don't trust any other guys. But I know Lenny is different , I can even tell by the way he looks at her 😍 .

Anyways Annabeth mentioned to me that she wanted me to help her find a way to tell Lenny & the boys this. I think it was a good idea . After we talked about it we changed the subject. She randomly said aloud " So .... you & Paulie eh ?" I felt myself blush & replied " actually I really don't know ? I'm pretty sure he knows I like him but I'm not sure if he likes me ? maybe can u help me with that ?" Annabeth's head immediately shot up and said " Yes ! of course , what are best friends for ? " We hugged each other like koalas . I'm so glad I had her in my life. <3


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