Chapter 6- Sleepover starts

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Authors Note: Hope u lovelies like this chapter , sorry if its short :p
I'm really tired & there's so much frikin homework ! High school sucks 😝


Annabeth's POV
I came out of my bathroom wearing my navy tank top & batman shorts. ( lol that's my real clothes 😂👌)
My friend Skylar walked out with a blue shirt & some dark shorts. We then both looked up to John & Lenny to catch them staring deep into our eyes.. ummmm abit awkward a there.

"Um so boys , where do you want to sleep ? Me & Skylar could sleep on the floor and you guys can have the double bed if you want ? " I said.
"No no love, you can have the double bed" Lenny said smiling.
"Yeh you can have the bed" John shot back after Lenny spoke.
"Um okay ? Me & Skylar can sleep on the bed.. " i said politely .

"Hey Annabeth , I think I'll change my mind and sleep in the small room downstairs . Recently I've been jabbing terrible headaches in the middle of the night. I don't want to disturb you " said Skylar as she skipped downstairs before I could reply. I sighed and went to bed.
3 Hours later


Authors Note: hey guys! sorry that this chapter is so short . I'm abit on writers block. I'll update ASAP! ❤

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