Chaper 20- The feeling of a worried friend

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Paulie's POV
I could sense something wasn't the same since we all had that trip to the beach. Theres been a lot of conflict and arguments between the twins .

Personally I don't exactly know what's up between them , but I sure hope it's gonna get better.
I think about 10-15mins ago , Len asked John to talk privately . How do I know this you ask , I'm ........ A secret agent working with the FBI ! Jk jk 😂I wish !

Ever since I was young I've had this gift of being able to lip read from up close & far away. I'm glad I had this gift , coz it really saved my life in high school before ...

Flashback ( to high school when Paulie was in the same class as the rest of the JC boys )

We were all in English class . Our science teacher Mrs Harper, was writing information we had to copy into our books from the whiteboard.

( The Seating Of The Class )
👳= Teacher 😁=Paulie 😳=Len
Other emojis = rest of JC + class

😶 😜 😊 😭 😄
😌 😓 😷 😴 😨
😵 😁 😳 😜 👻

So basically I was trying my best to write neatly in my work book as I heard a voice . "Paulie" , whispers Len.
I glared at him meaning that he had my attention.

"I forgot to do my skill works for this week, and so did John. So can we quickly borrow your book to copy it off?" he said. (Fact: So many people in my classes/friends do this , not pointing anyone out ... Chloe :p )

"But I wanna get this done with", I whined at him.

"Paulieeeeeeeeee??????" he pleaded .

"UGHHHHH fine!" I said as quietly as I could to hide my annoyance.

He took my skill works book and shared it with John .

Mrs Harper turned around and faced us and was talking about an important fact on this topic. I actually wasn't listening to her .

Coz I could hear Len talking to me about our schedule dance practice after school with the other boys.
But I was pretending to listen to her, and I think she took notice.

"Paulie, would you mind repeating the fact that u jut told the class ."

I took a deep breath and said calmly "whenever we write essays or persuasive writings for you , we should always plan to receive extra points . which is vary in higher academic achievements in our overall high school English subject score ."

(Woah . I just made that up and I think it's sounds pretty professional ! LAWLS ! )

Dyummmm the whole class was stunned and her face was PRICLESS !

She then rolled her eyes and turned her back to the class , while continuing to write in the board.

Len & John started snickering as quietly as they could , while i laid back in my chair and grinned and myself.

I felt proud that I could lip read with skill.

(End of flashback)


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