Sadly Not An Update :(

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A/N: Hey guys !
I just rlly wanted to get this talk straight and done with. But firstly , I want to sincerely apologise for being a upright shuck face ( maze runner reference ... If u get me *high five*)
I haven't been able to update for like agesssssss!

Main reason is
1: I'm suffering from writers block , *sigh*

2: I'm stressing out coz I'm moving countries & I have to pack & all . Just like 1 of my greatest besties Chloe !!!! I can't tag u coz I forgot how 2 spell ur user name .... soz m8, luv ya!

Anyways I also have some idk if its exciting but anyways I'll let u know. So i'll be moving overseas to a British school & basically I'm gonna start a new story ( don't worry , I'll still continue my fanfic ! ) it's gonna be basically a diary , of my experience in a new country & school . I'll update that diary as much as I can. Thanks for supporting me guys !

& I promise u , I'm working on the fanfic updates rite now ! I'll give u more than 1 chapter since u guys r my favs & coz I feel like I owe it to u for being so patient !

Bye guys ! Expect an update in the next 120 hours ?

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