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Dancing with Fire (John Pearce/Justice Crew Fanfic) by InsanelyJ
Dancing with Fire (John Pearce/Jus...by Joyce☆
When dancing is the only thing that makes you happy, alive and breathing, but somehow it got snatched away from you in a split second, bright lights flash in front of yo...
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  • justicecrew
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Unexpected Guests by Scancer
Unexpected Guestsby Scancer
Jade's cousin is Lukas from Justice Crew. What will happen when he returns back to her life and invites her and her bestfriend on tour?
  • justicecrew
Justice Crew Preferences by Claire_Y
Justice Crew Preferencesby Claire
I personally love reading preferences and I love Justice Crew, so why not make preferences about them. Enjoy JCeazers :)
  • paulie
  • merciadez
  • solo
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My Favourite quotes/References/music by OldManSterling95
My Favourite quotes/References/mus...by Aynsliee
1.Pretty Little Liars 2.Harry Potter 3.Short Stack 4.One Direction 5.Freaky Friday 6.Justice Crew 7.Ed Sheeran 8.Halo (yes Halo as in the Xbox game) 9.Monsters U...
  • harrypotter
  • thehungergames
  • shortstack
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A Summer To Remember by justicebabey
A Summer To Rememberby justicebabey
This story is about a girl named Sienna who is trying to focus on her dancing dreams going to dance camp, until she meets this boy named Lenny Pearce who falls head over...
  • justicecrew
  • lennypearce
Forever and Always - Justice Crew Fan Fiction by TheJCeazer
Forever and Always - Justice Crew...by Jess
Emmanuel Rodriguez One Shot
  • emmanuel
  • fanfiction
  • crew
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Sold - Paulie Merciadez {DISCONTINUED} by JbBiasWrecker
Sold - Paulie Merciadez {DISCONTIN...by JbBiasWrecker
What happens when your parents don't care about you? When they sell you to some random strangers? That's what happened to me, Skylar Maxwell.
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  • bellasini
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Where have you been all my life? - Lenny Pearce {DISCONTINUED} by JbBiasWrecker
Where have you been all my life...by JbBiasWrecker
I'll' demons win a competition to tour with justice crew. Will sparks fly for two of them? Our will competition get the better of them? Guys this is my first book please...
  • eman
  • crew
  • bellasini
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the holiday. (justice crew fan fiction ♥) by awesty_pearce
the holiday. (justice crew fan fic...by awesty_pearce
have they all met the loves of their lifes? What would've happened if the tour bus didn't hit the car...?
  • crew
  • justice
  • justicecrew
The Love That Never Dies(A Lenny Pearce Fanfic) by _Jayden_Bird_
The Love That Never Dies(A Lenny P...by Welcome Stranger
I thought just getting coffee in the morning and bumping into someone was normal? But getting coffee in the morning and bumping into someone famous not so much? What wil...
  • justicecrew
  • lennypearce
Just some snazzy songs by lenetflixandlebands
Just some snazzy songsby Ally
Very Snazzy songs that I like at the moment
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  • birdy
  • charlixcx
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Remembering (John Pearce) by JCe4zer
Remembering (John Pearce)by JCe4zer
"how can you move on and forget someone who you spend the first years of your young life loving, how can you push away those memories and just move on... answers ea...
  • pearce
  • jceazer
  • john
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More Than Anything by _unkn0wnwriters_
More Than Anythingby _unkn0wnwriters_
*Book 3* Lenn and Tami have been going strong for a while now. No one trying to destroy their perfect relationship. The fans love them together minus the few jealous...
  • parents
  • alesia
  • harley
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love at first sight... ( Lenny Pearce/Justice Crew fanfic ) by awesty_pearce
love at first sight... ( Lenny Pea...by awesty_pearce
An highly remarked photographer named Amanda meets a boy from Justice Crew named Lenny in a photoshop for Dolly Magazine. They hit it off straight away, but Lenny has ma...
  • lenny
  • fanfic
  • justice
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Music by lianalovesniall
Musicby Li-li Webb
Music by bands and some can be Australian people
  • onedirection
  • australian
  • justicecrew
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I heart or hate len pearce by snowberryxox
I heart or hate len pearceby Snow
Alessandra Martinez-Perez is an ordinary 15 year old girl who lived in Spain but moved to Australia with her twin brother Alexander and her older brother Emmanuel when s...
  • justicecrew
  • trueloveornot
  • johnpearce
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Memories - Lenny Pearce Fanfiction by TheJCeazer
Memories - Lenny Pearce Fanfictionby Jess
Justice Crew One Shot He takes you on a walk down memory lane :) <3
  • crew
  • justicecrew
  • lenny
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One group of friends by EmilyFrench2
One group of friendsby Emily French
My friends and I were kicked out of school and about a year later one of my boyfriends mate and I came up with a plan the story starts the day we got kicked out of schoo...
  • lukas
  • justicecrew
  • lukehem
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