Chapter 25- True Friendship

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-~Skylar's POV~-


During the last 5 minutes Annabeth's been WAYYY out of the zone. I almost finished my drink?! I slurped the last bit of my frappe as I attempt to get her attention.

She didn't even budge. *sigh* ( lol lowkey me irl 😂😂 especially in school ew )

I snapped my fingers a few inches from her face . She blinked as her eyes focused on me.
Ahh finally

"Annabeth. What ON EARTH were you day dreaming about?? "

She just stared into my eyes emotionless.
"Oh .... Were u prehaps dreaming about your Lenny boyyy?" I smirked.

She frowned while her arms lifted to the ceiling.

"WHAT?! NOooOooOo" , her head shaking repetitively.

I chuckled as I have her some time to get back INTO DA ZONE. Her eyes looked normal now , she looked into my eyes as I raised my brows in confusion.

"I had a flashback"

"Huh? Oh lol was it a memorable one?"

Her eyes darkened in sorrow.

"It was when we were in the middle of high school".

My mind took time to realise she was talking about my puppy love crush I use to have.
That boy.

"Jeremy?" , I stated without hesitation.

Her head tilted to the side. "You're okay now aren't you?" A smile appeared on her face.

I returned the gesture.

" Of course I am. My Best Friend helped me through it!"

"Oh plus you have a lovely love interest at the moment .... who's name happens to be Pau-"

"OKKKK I KNOWW", my arms lifted in surrender. My cheeks were flushed .

"AHA LOOK AT YOUR FACE GURLLLL U LOOK LIKE A TOMATO" she shouted while laughing in between each word.

Annabeth's phone vibrated which caused her eyes to her new text.

"Oh Len just texted saying the boys are watching a a scary movie. He wants to know when we'll be back?"

"We should get going soon right? We've spent most of the day shopping & talking" I shrugged.

Annabeth nodded. We both reached for our belongings and cleared our table. This was a strange habit of ours since primary school. Whenever we went to a cafe or ate at a foodcourt we'd always clear it afterwards. Maybe it was due to the face we both did work experience at a cafe ( lmao me irl it was so tiring ) There we both felt all the workers' pain😂

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