Chapter 12- Trust & Betrayel

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-~Lenny's POV~-

"No ! Annabeth can't kiss you , she's my girlfriend ! What are you thinking John?! There's no way I'm letting you do that !" I shouted directly at him watching his eyes fill with anger. "She's not meant to be yours!" he spat back at me. He then grabbed Annabeth smashing his lips unto hers. Everyone just stared in shock, but luckily you could see she wasn't kissing him back. I clenched my fists but a memory took place in my mind.

(When Len & John were small kids)

I kept running down the road and didn't stop running until I couldn't hear their shouting. I gradually stopped running but kept moving in case. I suddenly felt someone force their hand over my mouth and pull me away from the roads. I felt the ground gravel as I was pushed down at a great amount of force.
"oh what's wrong Lenny ? Having trouble balancing ? I thought you knew how to dance huh , let's see how much you can actually do." Said Brax. He was the most popular guy at school , but he also had a second life after the school bells rang. He always liked to pick on different kids everyday along with his friends.
Lenny eventually got up and said " I'm not afraid if you ...... i don't care what you say about me".
"Ohhhhh look who finally decided to talk now huh . For a minute I thought you were turning deaf or mute. You know why I love picking on you Lenny. Cause you're so weak, you're as fragile as a glass bottle.
"Stay away from me! Lenny snapped as him. "I'll make you a deal , if you can beat me to a fight then I'll leave you forever . I bet you can't even grow a punch at me! GET UP AND FIGHT U JERK!" shouted Brax. Suddenly Brax groaned in pain as a hand threw a punch at his face. It was Lenny's brother John. He stood in front on Lenny and said aloud to make sure Brax & his friends could hear it properly . " If you ever touch or come near my brother ever again, I'll smash the living day-lights out of you , YOU HEAR ME?!!!" Everyone ran away before he could say anything else .
Lenny then ran up to John and hugged him. "Thanks John, I love you!" John smiled then replied " I love you too Len , that's what brothers are for".

End of Flashback

Lenny could feel his fist relax into his normal hand. But he was still angry , so he grabbed Annabeth's hand and lead her downstairs towards the door. He opened the door and walked out but waited for her to follow. She came after grabbing we coat. Soon Lenny was bombarded with questions

"Where are we going Lenny?" she said frantically. I didn't answer and kept walking at a fast past. I then realised she struggled to catch up, so I slowed down to a moderately paced walk. She then attempted again " Len ? Where are we-" she was interrupted by a stranger. "Are you Lenny Pearce?" asked a tall blind girl. I replied, "um yeh". I managed to pull a smile for her since she was a fan. She then started shaking , she then asked " Can I please take a photo with you?". "Sure!" I replied back with a huger smile.
We took a selfie as she thanked me and made her way off to wherever she was going. I would normally talk to my fans but I still needed for time to cool off & I wanted to spend some time with Annabeth.
We walked in quietly for a few minutes then I broke the silence. "I'm taking you to get some Frozen Yogurt." She managed to smile and reply back with" yayyyyyy I've been wanting to eat some for agggeeessss". I grinned and walked hand in hand with her to but some. We finished pretty fast & decided it would be okay to go back to the house now. I wonder how everyone else was dealing with it at home?


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