Chapter 2

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"Sit here" , my mum said patting the seat beside her. "Listen for your dads job, he has to work for this guy named Paulie". I felt myself secretly smirk thought , imagine it was Paulie from Justice Crew! "And we will be having 6 visitors staying with us , instead of them staying at a hotel full of fans. They thought it was best to stay here . Annabeth, Justice Crew are coming over to stay for 2 whole months !" My mum said excitedly.

I jumped up from my seat , I froze while tears travelled down my cheek breathing heavily. "Darling I thought you would like this ? I thought you liked Justice Crew ?"said mum.
"Mum , I'm crying in happiness ! I feel so happy , I'm the happiest person on earth AHHHHHH !!!!" I shouted as my mum laughed,"well get ready , they'll be here in about an hours time. I dashed upstairs into my room. "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE JUSTICE CREW ARE GOING TO STAY HERE FOR 2 MONTHS !" I screamed at the top of my lungs crazily.

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