Chapter 3 - Justice Crew comes to my house !

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I Put my hair down, straighten it , then put it into a messy bun. Put on a bit of makeup but made sure I looked natural. Mum always said that boys prefer girls who are natural , but obviously that doesn't work with the boys at our school. They never stop going for the slutty girls , who only care about themselves & how they look. How can they feel beautiful with all that makeup ? it's fake ...
Anyways I then put on my back leggings & a big rad jumper . I didn't want to look over dressed , I wanted to look casual .

Just as I finished getting ready I heard the doorbell ring. "Hello boys, come on in" I heard my mum say ending the door. "Annabeth! come downstairs the boys are here", she shouted. I started shaking... I can't shake I've got to act normal ! otherwise they might think I'm fake. I slowly made my way downstairs and found myself staring into those dark brown eyes of Lenny. And I think he was staring back?


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