Chapter 7 - Snowy Nights

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Authors Note : Well hello there everyoneeeeee ! Sophie is here ! hope you lovelies like this chapter .... so Enjoy! ( sorry but I don't edit my chapters lol , too much work haha . ) ENJOY !


Lenny's POV

OMG it's so damn freezing in here !!!
The heating's off and it's literally snowing outside. Frikin Frozen should've been filmed here ! ( if it included real people , don't be dumb Lenny Pearce!) John was fast asleep but Annabeth was shivering & her teeth were chattering . Oh she must be freezing in those thin PJ's . Can't complain though, she's looked amazing !
"Annabeth?" I whispered,
"Yes?" she whispered back.
"Are you okay?" I asked innocently ,
"No I'm not okay... it's freezing!" she replied back . I then stood up and walked over to her bed. " Is it okay if I lie down here?" as I pointed towards her bed. "It's fine" she answered .
I lay myself down next to her & placed my arms around her without scaring her. I then thought, this could make John jealous. Waking up to see me & Annabeth all cuddled up. But that's obviously not the reason. I realised I fell for her.... and I didn't want to let her go.

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John's POV

ugh it's so cold ! All I can hear is loud snoring . Lenny. I looked up only to see Annabeth aweee .... she looks so peaceful when she sleeps , such a gorgeous girl and ..... wait .... what the hell is Lenny doing with his arms around her ?! This cannot be happening ?!!! If he slept with her ( not like that all u perves 😏😜😝😂)
I swear it will be the end of u LENNY PEARCE !!!

Annabeth's POV

I woke up and turned around to merged with the same brown eyes I would love to see every morning.
"Good Morning Beautiful" he said cheerfully. "Good morning" I yawned out. "I'm just gonna go take a shower" he smiled then walked out of the room. I heard the door open , only to reveal Skylar. "Wake up sleepy head ! GUESS WHAT !" she exclaimed.
"What?!" I shot back at her.
"We are going to the beach today so get ready ! " She squealed excitedly. Well isn't this brilliant ? A chance to see the boys shirtless .... 😏😁😂


A/N : ( which stands 4 Authors note in case u didn't know 😂 )
Sophie here , this is my longest chapter yet ! I worked my ass off again so I hope u peeps enjoyed it ! Make sure u remember to vote & comment! I'll update ASAP. Luv YAS ! ❤💓

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