Chapter 14- Ride Until The Sun

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Annabeth's POV

Lenny was driving us home from fro-yo . ( Although they walked there ik thier suddenly driving home 😂. Maybe Len stole the car ... IDEK why I'm writing this ?! Lets just say his car magically appeared ;p ) I was a bit worried about what was going on back at the house. I just really hope that no one got into a fight. But I know that Skylar was like really good at calming people down. Which was really good , coz as I've mentioned before I use to have a bf named Dimitri. ( It was mentioned one of the chapters before Annabeth & everyone else went to the beach. If u don't remember feel free to retrace ur steps. )

The only person who actually knows about what happened between me & Dimitri was Skylar. I've be been thinking previously whether I should tell Len about it . But I'm not so sure... maybe when I get home I can ask Skylar. Coz whenever I don't know how to deal with a certain situation I always tell Skylar. She basically the best friend u could ever have. I also wanna ask her about her crush on Paulie 😏. I just really hope he is single. They would be the perfect match !
"How much longer till we reach home?" I asked in an innocent voice. Len shook his head & grinned " only about 5 for mins bub " he replied. He extended his left hand to turn the radio on. It turns out Justice Crew's song 'Ride Until The Sun' was playing.


I basically shrieked out of excitement but quietly coz I don't want to distract his from driving. But he noticed & laughed , he then asked " why don't u sing along for me ?" . Oh no , he was asking me to sing ... I never sing in front of anyone , only Skylar. I said " I don't wanna ruin the song with my voice Len ". But he asked me again " please ? I just wanna hear u sing ? ". I pleaded with him " my voice is brilliantly horrible , I might murder the song with this voice of mine ".

He stated laughing again & turned his head to face mine & said " Pweettyyy PLEAASSSSEEEE ?????" , OH MY GOSH HE HAD HIS PUPPY EYES FLASHING OFF AT ME & HIS EYES BASICALLY SPARKLED ! AHHHH !
I finally answered " finnneeeeee " . He was proud of himself & stuck his tongue out at me. I just giggled & waited for my fav part of the song. I then took a deep breath & sang the following lyrics.

('Ride Until The Sun' chorus )

Tonight's lets ride ,

Tonight lets run ,

Tonight lets ride until ... the sun ,

I'll take the wheel ,

Be my shotgun ,

Tonight lets ride until ... the sun ,

And it's only just begun .


Lenny's eyes widened as I suddenly felt shy & nervous. He basically had excitement in his voice as he gawked " YOUR VOICE IS SO AMAZING ! HOW COME YOU DON'T SING IN FRONT OF OTHERS ?!" . I smiled at him then sighed " I've always been shy , no one has ever heard my voice other than Skykar." He just kept smiling at me :) Lenny then said " speaking of Skylar we've finally reached home. I clung my right hand unto Lenny as we walked down over to the door. I unlocked the door & was completely surprised what was waiting inside. I could tell Lenny was too.


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