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Use Her & Her Part 2

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Dallas : *holding her* Bhandari we might as well be together already 

Alli : Not yet 

Dallas : I mean like look at us... *look down at her* 

Alli : I don't know *look up at him* 

Dallas : *look into her eyes* I love you 

Alli : *get up* Umm.. it's six fifty we should get going *put her shoes on* 

I don't know how guilty she's feeling but she basically said she still loves me and now she can't say it back ? - Dallas


Alli : *get out the car and walk inside the school with the camera following her to her locker* 

Dallas : See you when I see you Bhandari *walk over to the hockey team shaking his head* 

Jenna : Whoa.. Birthday girl what's up with that ? 

Alli : Nothing *fixing her lip gloss* just forgot we had a damn test today on my birthday 

Clare : Maybe you'll get time to study more Alli hahah 

Alli : Hurry and get your books so we can hurry and get this test done.. *lean on the locker and see Dallas flirting with another girl* 

The confusion is REAL I don't get it like I'm sorry I didn't say I love you back but right after that you go and flirt with another girl when you claim your working to get with me I'm even trying to slowly be in a relationship with him -Alli

Alli : *push the camera out her way and walk over to him and push him* What are you doing !? 

Dallas : *turn around and snap* Why are you so upset !? We're not together anymore ! 

Tori : *records the arugment* That's Bhandallas for you.. 

Alli : But you love me ?! Right ?! Okay ! 

Dallas : Alli leave me alone... *leave out the school* 

Owen : *going to talk to him* 

Clare : Alli let's go get this test out the way 

Alli : I'm gonna flunk anyway thinking about this *walk away with clare and jenna* 


Owen : Dallas ! *running after him* Where you going ? *stand in front of him* 

Dallas : I'm not skipping school i'm just walking... *turn around and see the camera man coming to film and he sucks his teeth and start to walk around the front of the school* She claims she still love me and all but when I try to be with her it's like not yet Dallas not yet I don't know what's wrong with her 

Owen : Talk to her 

Dallas : We've talked about it ! Already ! I'm listening but her actions says other wise 

Owen : But she still cares Dallas that's why she pushed you and lashed out is she a prize worth waiting on ? 

Dallas : *hold his head and start shaking his head* 

Owen : Is she ? 

Dallas : Yeah she is 

Owen : That's all you need to think about hurry up and get yuh head straight and get to class 


Owen : So party ? 

Dallas : Yeah where at ? 

Owen : I'll drive you all it's on Queens street 

Alli's home 

Alli : No Jenna i'm done i'm done i'm tired of trying I feel like shit from what happened in London I-I just can't I've never flirted with anyone since we broke up and he goes and flirt with someone 

Mean while at the Party 9:00pm

Dallas : *sitting nodding his head to the music* 

Melissa : Hey Dallas... 

Dallas : *frown* Um.. hey 

Coming Up..

Melissa : Hey... Dallas 

Dallas : *frown* Hey 

Melissa : Don't tell me your still pissed 

Melissa : *take off his shirt for him*

Dallas : Alright Look 

Alli : I'm coming ! *open the door and look down* What ? Do you want ? 

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