You don't see it when it's all in your face

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Alli : *cutting up some fruite for breakfast* 

Info : Rock is 7 now his voice has gottan deeper like his dads, he acts very mature for his age still, he calls Alli his mom every once in a while..

Mean while in Rocky room 

Rock : *on his phone* No I think Alli woke now though *putting his shoes on* Yeah imma ask her *walking towards the kitchen* 

 Alli : *sitting on the kitchen counter eating fruite and oatmeal on her phone* 

Rock : Good morning Alli *holding his phone to his ear* 

Alli : Morning your breakfast is over there 

Rock : Alrighty.. *grab his food and walk over to the table and sit down* Imma call you back ard ? *hang up* Alli can Jordan come over ? 

Alli : Yeah sure 

Rock : Okay *put a grape in is mouth* So let me tell you how.. *talk with his mouth full* I was walking to the store the other day anddddd.... this girl she was about 16 or 15 stops me at the door, she was like oooh aren't you Dallas son ? *chewing* I was like yeah.. that's what people call him and she said can I have a picture with you ? I'm thinking in my head ! I wan't to go get some snacks ! get out my way... but I was like yeah yeah you can have a picture..

Alli : hahaha Ohh wow well that's how your going to have to grow up now 

Rock : I'll get used to it... yall just need to stay normal that's probably why that girl tried to kiss me

Alli : Maybe ! You better watch out and you have a deep voice at the age of seven unbelievable ! 

Dallas : *come out the room* Morning... Morning... *rubbing rock's hair* 

Rock : *tucking his head down with a plate and bowl in both hands getting up* He done messed up my hair *put the dishes in the sink* 

Dallas : Shut up *kiss alli and try to pick her up* 

Rock : *looking in the frige* 

Alli : Noo.. Rocky's in here I have really short, shorts on under this shirt

This is Alli's outfit ->>

Rock : Don't worry don't worry Oh dad ! *walking towards the door* Jordan's coming over and i'm going to go meet him half way 

Dallas : Alright 

Alli : Lock the door behind you ! I made you breakfast 

Later that day 

Alli : So... *getting clothes out a bag* Rocky is in his room with his friend and... maybe if we lock the door and keep quiet I can put this on for you *hold up a bra and panties to her body* we could have some fun.. ? 

Dallas : U-um Owen was going to pick me up in a couple of minutes to just hang with the team over his place 

Alli : But you hang with the team all the time even at school 

Dallas : I know i'm sorry baby how about  tomorrow night ? or tonight when I come back ? *his phone rings* That's Owen 

Alli : It's alright just just go bye 

Dallas : I won't go if you don't want me to 

Alli : No I wan't you to have fun 

Dallas : Alright I'm sorry I love you *kiss her and close the door behind him*

Alli : *drop the clothes on the floor and lay on the bed on her stomach then put her face in the pillow crying* 

Rock : *open the door* Alli I need a charger for Jordan's.. you alright ? 

All he does is hang with the team he never has time for me. Working late shifts always tired when he gets home and he never hear me out when I try to tell him how I feel I can't win ! All I can do is cry -Alli

Alli : *sit up because she doesn't want him to see she's crying* A charger ? They're right there in that small ben *point wiping her face* 

Rock : *grab the charger* Thanks *close the door* 

Coming up..

Alli : *put a blanket and pillow on the couch for Dallas to sleep on* 

Jordan : Why is that out here ? *walking to the door* 

Rock : I don't know I think they're having a fight she was crying in her room earlier 

Dallas : *look at the couch and frown walking to their room but can't get in because it's locked* Alli ? What's wrong with you ? 

Rock : *jump up out of bed and put his ear near his door* 

Alli : *crack open the door and whisper* I don't want to talk right now leave me alone *lock the door*

Rock : Dad Alli's sad 

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