It's between us

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Tori : Hey Alli ! Dallas ! do you mind answering one question from the fans of Degrassi ? *holding a camera* 

Imogen : *hold a recorder up* 

Dallas : *turn around and look at them* Sure 

Alli : *smiling* 

Imogen : Alright *look at her phone* Dallas and Alli everyone know when you two break up even though you don't announce it and we all get sad when you break up for too long because Dallas will change his name and we think it's the end. How do you manage to stay together ? 

Alli : I just look at our relationship as feelings that can't go away over night or for weeks think about what broke you two up think of a way you should have handled the problem 

Dallas : Always tell each other how you feel and try to talk out your problems 

Alli : *nod her head* 

Imogen : Thank you 


Dallas : You want to drive the dot and pick up some food ? 

Alli : Well no I have to go to the store with Jenna 

Dallas : Shopping during lunch period

Alli : No we have to pick up a pregnancy test

Dallas : Huh ? 

Alli : No no not for me it's for Jenna she's feeling pregnant again 

Dallas : So is she going to tell Connor ? 

Alli : If ! she's pregnant but I have to get going love you *give him a peck on the lips and leave out the lunch room* 

Dallas : love you too *look at connor then get up and leave out the school to go to the dot*

Alli and Dallas apartment 

Alli : *hold jennas hands* It feels like it takes forever

Jenna : I know 

Couple minutes later

Jenna : It's done here goes nothing... *grab the test and look at it* Not positive yay buut we have to wait for the other one 

The test is done 

Jenna : Alright *grab the test and look at it* Not positive thank god 

Alli : *smile* I know now we can get back to school worry free 

Jenna : Yes skip the halls and all *grab her purse* Wait we have to take a selfie after this moment

Alli : *lean near her shoulder to get in the picture*

Selfie ->>

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