Connor's Party

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Alli : Bye Rocky hurry over Jordan's okay ? 

Rock : Alright 

Alli : *lock the door* 

Rock : *on the phone* Yeah you outside ? Ard i'm coming *grab his key and leave* 

The Dot 

Jordan : What are you going to get ?

Rock : I don't know... what do girls like to eat ? Salad ? hahaha 

Jordan : Maybe.. get pizza or a burger or... chicken nugets 

Rock : I'll just buy all of them so we can pick what we want 

Jordan : How are you going to pay for that ?

Rock : My dad gave me money and I had some money saved up *walk over to the cashier* 

Cashier : Hi welcome to the dot what will you like today ? 

Rock : Umm.. can I have a small box of cheese pizza and two burgers and two five piece nugets ? 

Cashier : Sure *gets done calulating the food* that'll be fifteen twenty five and it'll be done in about 20 minutes

Rock : Okay *count his money and give it to her walk away* 

Jordan : I can't believe your really going on a date 

Connor's Party 

Jenna : *dancing with Alli holding a drink with a camera guy filming them* I can't believe Clare didn't come 

Alli : I know she would of had so much fun 

We're having a party to celebrate Jenna and I new apartment - Connor 

Owen : Eli is just having a good ass time 

Dallas : I know 

Couple minutes later..

Alli : *dancing on Dallas* 

Dallas : *holding her by her hips* 

Elease : *walk up to them* Hi um sorry to interupe but I love you two on twitter and instagram can I have a picture with you ? 

Alli : Sure *lean near her to get in the picture* 

Dallas : *lean near her to get in the picture* 

Elease : Thank you *smiling then walk away* 

Eli : I'm a freaking super hero !

Jenna : *turn around* Umm.. Connor look 

Connor : He's way too drunk *walk over to eli* Eli ! *grab the cup away from him* maybe you should stop drinking ! and have fun ! 

Eli : What's fun without drinking ! ?

Connor : Look just calm down man... 

Alli : He might be taking a break from Clare she can be a controle freak that's why we love her 

Jenna : Yeah *smile* Hey everyone ! Listen up ! 


Jenna : I just want to thank everyone for coming we have a couple fans here tonight that watch the show shout out to them ! 

*Everyone claps* 

Jenna : We have Drew and Bianca ! *point to them* Ice Hounds ! 

Dallas : *smile nodding his head clapping with everyone* 

Jenna : The wonderful Degrassi TV crew ! and Eli ! the best movie editor of all time !

Eli : *smiling*

Imogen : *pose*

Jenna : my best best best friend Alli love you girl 

Alli : *blow a kiss at her* 

Jenna : and of couse the love of my life Connor... 


Jenna : Clare couldn't be here tonight so lets all have a drink for her and connor's and I new journey ! whoooo ! 

*Everyone starts to drink and dance again* 

Blame it on Jenna Part 3 coming up..

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