Imogen's Target Red

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Everyone's just getting to school. The camera crew is filming already but I don't care about all that I've been wanting to confront Imogen about this story I know I wouldn't of did that to her if I was her friend - Bianca

Becky : Yeah Eli called me sunshine girl I was like what ?

Imogen : Ahahahaha

Bianca : What's wrong with you Imogen ?

Imogen : What are you talking about ?

Bianca : Why would you put that story up of Alli I thought you were her friend the more people read it the more they know and talk about her she doesn't need this on her senior year... Maybe you weren't her friend after all you just hunged around her to get good grades and how Dallas and her relationship is at *roll her eyes and walk away*

Imogen : *look down* She's right

Becky : What about grades and getting information out of her ?

Imogen : Yeah I just needed attention to spice up degrassi TV and ofcourse i don't want to fail again

Becky : Imogen you are important


Alli : I don't even feel like going in there

Dallas : Just come on *turn off the car*

Alli : uhhh *get out the car*

Jenna : Hey girly

Clare : You look cute

Alli : Hey Thank you *start to walk with them*

Dallas : *walking with her*

Loud speaker : Imogen please report to Simpson's office Imogen please report to Simpson's office

Bianca : Hey

Dallas : *leaning his back on one of the locker with his leg crossed on his phone*

Alli : What are they saying ? I know you know

Bianca : Well people aren't that mad... They're on your side they've said stuff like she was drunk just having a good time so what if she kissed a girl she's 100 percent straight anyway

Alli : Eh.. *Turn and look at Dallas* I'm going to class

Dallas : alright see you later

Alli : *walk away*

I can't kiss Dallas it just seems so weird now - Alli

Simpson's office

Simpson : Imogen that story has to go down...

Imogen : I know. ..

Simpson : The pictures are too provocative for a school website

Imogen : Taking it down now.. *On her phone*

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