It's Romance ?

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Degrassi Elementary School

Emily : Hey Rocky 

Rock : *waiting for Helena to come out the school look at her like shes crazy because no one calls him rocky in school* Hey 

Emily : So.. are you going to be on TV tonight ?

Rock : No not in this episode 

Emily : Oh... are you going to be in the next ?

Rock : Yeah the people was at our house yesterday filming 

Emily : So like do yall just talk about anything ?

Rock : No we just let them in and do what we we're doing before they came 

Emily : Hmm..oh so mind if I sit ? 

Rock : It's a free swing 

Emily : hahaha yeah.. *sit down* 

They talk for a while

Helena : *comes out the school with asia* 

Asia : Looks like Rocky's a player

Helena : *look at him* she's just over there because I got into it with her today and i'm not talking to him because he's acting like he like's her

Asia : Or maybe he's being friendly ?

Emily : Oh my mom is here bye *get off the swing and walk out the school yard* 

Rock : Bye.. 

Camilla : Helena ! 

Rock : *looks over at Helena and get up* 

Helena : Bye girl *wave to asia and look at Rock and walk away from him* 

Rock : Helena ! *walking towards her* 

Helena : *get in her mom car* 


Clare : Hey Jenna *walking down the steps* 

Jenna : Ohh.. Hey best friend ?

Clare : I'm sorry about everything I said 

Jenna : It's okay I knew you were just mad I said some things I shouldn't have also 

Clare : Thanks I could really use a friend right now Eli.... broke up with me 

Jenna : Oh my gosh do do you wanna come over ?

Clare : Yeah sure 

Dallas : *following alli down the steps then pick her up* 

Alli : Dallas ! stop ! 

Dallas : I'm sorry ! Stop being mad at me ! *carrying her down the steps* 

Jenna : *looking at them then face Clare* come on 

Coming Up..

Rock : *knock on the door* I.. need to tell yall something 

Helena : So do you like her ? 

Eli : Clare I was just mad 

Owen : How about some lit candles something that will make her smile then lock the door and don't waiste no time

Dallas : hahaha 

Alli : What is all this *coming in the room* 

Rock : I told my mom already but I have a.... girl friend 

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