The End

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Dallas mom woke up before anyone did and she cooked breakfast at six forty and is almost done. Dallas is getting dressed and Dallas dad is in the kitchen sitting near the counter and Alli is finishing blow drying her hair.

Dallas : *come out the room* Morning

They greet him

Dallas : *sit down near his dad* So what do you think of Alli ?

Dallas dad : I think she's fantastic. I love that she's going to try to cure cancer with breathilizer she's wonderful...

Dallas mom : Yeah she's smart ! She's great for you Dallas I really like her and she's so small hahaha

Dallas : I know hahaha

Alli : *put some oil in her hair then go out the room* Good morning everyone *sit near the counter*

They greet her

Dallas mom : We were just talking about you

Alli : Hope its not nothing bad hahaha

Dallas mom : No all good here's your food everyone *sit the plates on the counter*

They all thank her and start to eat


Rocky is coming over to see his grandparents - Dallas

Vanessa : *ring the bell*

Dallas : He's here *go and get him*

Dallas mom : Tell Vanessa I said Hi

Rock : *open the door slowly smiling* Hey...

Dallas dad : Boy get in here

Rock : I'm coming *walk over to them* Hey grandmom *hug her* Hey grandpa *hug him*

Dallas mom : I didn't even notice yesterday... What is wrong with this boy voice Dallas ?!

Dallas : Why are you asking me !?

Alli : *sit her elbow on the table with her hand over her mouth laughing*

Dallas mom : Say something Rock

Rock : ugh hi

Dallas mom : How did his voice get deep all of a sudden?

Dallas : I don't know it just happened

Dallas dad : I never got a deep voice until I was about thirteen that's all you

Dallas mom : Dallas got his at about eight years old so that's your fault

Dallas : hahahaha okay *shake his head*

Rock : I'm going over here with normal people. ... Hey Alli *sit next to her*

Alli : Hey

Rock : What are doing to those bugs !?

Alli : They're fruit flies I'm giving them organic fruit

Rock : and what's this right here ?

Dallas mom : She's good with him

Dallas : I know

Alli : That's my breathilizer I need to check it out and refil it heat it up and change the data

Rock : So your going to test this out on people ?

Alli : It will be legal to use if it works when I test out

Rock : What are you going to do if it doesn't work ?

Alli : I'd have to look over all of my work and data remake it and add things that could help people

Rock : See all that is too much to do

Alli : You'd have to be dedicated

The End

I know the ending is whack but here's what happened in the future . Vanessa was accepted the university of London. Drew is currently studying in Toronto at Toronto university but is planning on changing schools over in the Uk.  Bianca is accepted to Brick University and is also planning on changing schools in the UK. Dallas is playing hockey for Cambridge and studying at cambrige with Alli. Alli was able use breathilizer on her first patience and it worked ! She was paid big money for it to be used at any hospital around the world for people that has cancer. Rock is going to school in the UK he and Helena are still together over the phone they are talking Helena's mom Camilla into moving over there so that they can see eachother they keep telling her schools are better over here. Connor is working with Alli on a project while Jenna is at a performing arts school and studying at a good college as well. Eli and Clare are getting mad buzz off of a book they just wrote and was paid for it to be sold in stores, some famous people are wanting to be in his upcoming movies a British singer FKA Twigs has just gotten casted in his upcoming movie. Everyone came back to Toronto to attend the Canadian screen awards "Degrassi the reality show" won an award for best new reality show. THE PICTURE IS THEM ALL TOGETHER AGAIN

I'll start a new story about Rocky and Helena soon they will be a bit older.

The next story is called Allia Dallas The Reality Show

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