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The Dot

Drew : *waiting for Bianca*

Camera guy : She's coming i'm going to start rolling now 

Drew : Alright 

Bianca : *walk in and sit down* Hey 

Drew : Glad you came 

Bianca : Me too even though I'm really upset I relized that I can't live without because I love you Drew *hold his hand* 

Drew : I love you too I can and will change just for you B

Bianca : *smiling at him* 

Rock : *walk in the dot with some of his friends* 

Bianca : *turn around* Hey isn't that Dallas son Rocky ?

Drew : Yup that boy always outside he don't waiste no time let's just see if he notice us *looking at him order his food* 

Bianca : So what does he call you ? Drew ?

Drew : Uncle Drew hahaha 

Rock : Thank you *pay the cashier and grab a small brown bag and drink then turn around and walk outside then walking looking at the window* 

Drew : Look he's going to see us 

Bianca : *look at the window smiling* 

Rock : *walking looking at the windows as he walk by then see drew* Oh ! *turn around and walk back in the dot* 

Bianca : hahaha he's so cute here he comes 

Rock : *smiling at them walking to their table* I didn't even see yall hey uncle drew *side hug him* hey Bianca *side her hug* 

Drew : What you buy something to snack on ? 

Rock : Yeah today's sunday so I gotta make sure I see all my friends before I go 

Drew : Alright alright, how's dallas and alli ? 

Rock : I don't even know my dad says their having a disagreement right now 

Drew : Oooh wow tell them I said Hi well go have fun with your friends they're getting tired of waiting look *point outside* 

Rock : I know ard i'll tell my dad I saw yall *leave out* 

Bianca : He on the run hahaha *shake her head* 

Bianca looking at Rocky ->>

Drew : Always.. but how about I take you out tonight ? 

Bianca : Sure *smile* 

Mean while at the Apartment 

Alli : *cleaning the stove* 

Dallas : *hug her from behind* What's wrong ? 

Alli : Nothing 

Dallas : *turn her around* Something is wrong your mad because I wen't to Owen's yesterday night i'm sorry baby *looking down at her holding her shoulders*

Alli : No you ignore what I have to say everyday I try to make time for us all the time your not even trying 

Dallas : I've been busy Alli look I'm off work for the whole week I just have to work friday I'll make dinner reservations well spend time together okay ? *raise his eyebrows looking at her* 

Alli : Oookay... *looking up at him smiling* 

Dallas : *kiss her* 

Rock : *come in with his friends* shhh.. shh.. look *point at them* 

Dallas : *kiss her neck* 

Alli : *leaning her head to the side then open her eyes and see Rocky and his friends creeping in* Oh my gosh.. *push him away a little* 

Dallas : What ? *turn around* 

They start to laugh 

Rock : I saw Drew and Bianca at the dot hi *sit on the couch with his friends* 

Dallas : Oh well be in here if you need us *walk to the room* 

Alli : Wan't me to order some pizza ? 

Rock : Yall want some pizza ? 


Rock : Yes please and some wings ! yall eat hot wings ? 


Rock : hot wings ! 

Alli : ok 

Dallas : Always trying to spoil him *close the door* 

In the room

Alli : How ? 

Dallas : He be like Alli can I get this ? You say yes they all have a bag full of snacks now you ordering pizza 

Alli : He's a good boy *call the pizza store* 

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