Blame it on Jenna part 3

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Jenna : *walk to her room* 

Eli : Jenna where's the bathroom ? 

Jenna : Right there *point down the hall* 

Eli : Thanks *rub the side of her face* 

Jenna : *frown and grab his hand and pull it off of her and go in her room* 

Rock's date 

Helena : Okay bye mom *close the car door and stand near the car then call Rocky* 

Rock : *grab the phone and answer it while setting up the coffee table* Hello 

Helena : I'm outside 

Rock : Alright here I come *hang up and walk to the door* 


Rock : *walk outside* 

Helena : There he go bye mom ! *walking to rocky* 

Camilla : Bye, bye rocky have fun ! tell your mom and dad I said Hi !

Rock : Okay I will bye ! *open the door for her* 

Helena : Hey *smile* 

Rock : Hey 


Rock : *locking the door* I didn't know what you like so I just brought everything I could think of 

Helena : Thank you *taking of her jacket* don't worry *looking at the food* I like all of them 

Rock : Good *hang up her jacket then his phone rings* one sec *look at his phone* It's Alli *answer it* Hello.... yeah i'm okay... alright.... yes.... yes... yes hahaha.... okay bye *hang up* so.. let's eat 

Helena : Yeah *smile and sit down* 

Connor & Jenna's party

Jenna : He like touched me in a sexual way like this *rub allis cheek* 

Alli : Really ? Are you going to tell Connor or Clare ?

Jenna : I don't know.... I just don't want to start anything 

Rock's Date 

Helena : hahahaha really ?

Rock : Yeah it was crazy... 

Helena : Wait you have something in your hair *reach to get something out his hair then look at him*

Rock : Thanks..... *lean towards her and kiss her* 

Helena : *giggle a little looking down* 

Rock : Why you acting shy ? *lift her head up with his hand and kiss her again* 

Connor's & Jenna's party 8 : 30 pm

Jenna : Thanks for coming ! 

Alli : *walking by Jenna and give her a do what you have to do look and hug* Bye i'll call you 

Jenna : Okay bye dallas 

Dallas : Bye *hugging her* 

Car ride : High way

Dallas : *on the phone* Rocky we're coming home now hurry and get home..... okay bye 

Rocky's Date 8 : 35 pm 

Helena : My mom is here now... *get up* 

Rock : Ard my dad coming home now anyway *help her put her jacket on* Ooohh... I want you to have this *give her a small box* 

Helena : *open it and smile* Thank you so much I really like them my favorite color haha thanks again *hug him* 

Rock : Your welcome 

Hour later..

Dallas : So what did you and Jordan do ?

Rock : Oh... we played video games and ate pizza then played some music and stayed on instagram 

Dallas : Yall really need to get outside hahaha 

Rock : Did the camera people film yall at the party ? 

Dallas : Yeah 

Rock : Yay now I can see the party it was packed ?

Dallas : A little so... what's up with all this food ?

Rock : Oh I brought that I had a taste for everything 

Dallas : Now how much money you have ? 

Rock : Don't even know hold up *reach in his pocket and count his money* thirty five 

Dallas : You just spending away don't spend too much i'm about to go get in the shower.... 


Clare : No you just shouldn't of had that party 

Alli : *look at Jenna* 

Jenna : What ? 

Alli : *drop her bags* Really Dallas ? 

Jenna : How about you ask your man then because his actions isn't my fault 

Alli : I can't believe I was going to marry you, you haven't changed your still a player ! *take off the ring and throw it at him then get in the car and drive off* 

Owen : I'm sorry Clare but I was there 

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