Reality TV ?

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Loud Speaker : Everyone please meet me in the auditorium thank you ! 

Alli : Come on 

Jenna : *walk with her* 

Clare : *walk with her*


Simpson : Good Morning Degrassians, Now I have a question do you all watch reality TV ? 

Everyone : Yeah 

Simpson : How would you feel if we had a reality show at Degrassi 

Clare : *turn to Alli* 

Alli : *look at her* 

Simpson : A production wants to film a reality show here at Degrassi but ! They need real problems so they'll be filming all the time around here since all you guys do is go to class and go to your locker or go out for lunch and come back so they'll be filming alot they want some main people in the show as well ! Umm.. *open a letter* They want instagram famous couple Allia Bhandari and Mike Dallas 

Clare : Guessing they want Bhandallas after all haha 

Alli : I know but we're not even together 

Clare : But you two act like it 

Alli : *pout and look at dallas and smile* 

Simpson : Owen because he had a youtube reality show trying to find a girl during hockey season 

Owen : *look at Dallas* Oh wow haha 

Simpson : Clare Edwards, Elijah Goldsworthy, Jenna Militon, Connor DeLuier, Bianca Desousa and Drew Torres they will start filming tomorrow so be camera ready Degrassi now get to class ! 

After school Dallas walking Alli home 

Alli : Thanks for walking me home.... Mike *smile* 

Dallas : hahaha so I'll call you 

Alli : Alright *go in her house*

Later that night 

Phone convo 

Dallas : So like what are we ? 

Alli : We're just friends 

Dallas : But why tho ? We act like we're pretty much together

Alli : Because I feel so gulty for leaving you like that and hiding my whole pregnancy and not telling you about the abortion, everyone told me how hurt you was 

Dallas : I was mad at you but I never stopped loving you I do have trust issues with you now but I just want to be with the person I love and just don't run away from your problems we were in a relationship together if we ever get together we just have to make sure we're communicating better 

Alli : Yeah I know I can't even believe I kept it from you now that I look back on it I'm really sorry and I still do love you but I don't want to talk about it anymore... What do you think about the whole reality show thing that's going on tomorrow ? 

Dallas : I don't know I was pretty shocked like what ? So do you want to do it 

Alli : I don't know haha do you ? 

Dallas : I think i'll do it something to keep me busy because i'm not going to be play hockey for about three weeks or more 

Alli : Well let's do then haha 

Next Morning 

Alli : *walk into degrassi and go to her locker* 

Camera man : Okay you are ? Clare Jenna and Alli right ? 

Clare : Yes we are 

Camera man : Alright I just want yall just be as casuale as you can no fake situations just talk about whatever you feel personal if you choose to talk about it okay ? action *start to film* 

Clare : *put her books in the locker* So like do you see these bags under my eyes ? 

Jenna : Up late again talking to Eli ? 

Clare : No my parents were up all night arguing about who's going to take me to school the next day 

Alli : Well if it's that bad I can pick you up if you like ? 

Clare : Thank you Bhandari 

Dallas : *walk over and lean on Alli locker* If you girls don't mind girl talk is over this one has class with me this morning 

Alli : *shake her head* 

Jenna : I do too ! 

Dallas : Well let's go Ginger *walk away with Alli* 

Jenna : hahaha *run towards them* 

Clare : Well bye ! hahah *walk away* 

Camera man : Good Good thank you ! *start to film other people*

Coming Up 

Owen : Party ? 

Dallas : Yeah 

Melissa : Hey... Dallas 

Dallas : *frown* Hey 

Melissa : Don't tell me your still pissed 

Alli : *see him flirting with another girl and walk over to him and push him* What are you doing ?! 

Melissa : *take off his shirt for him* 

Dallas : *turn around* Why are you so mad !? We're not together anymore ! 


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