Time To Change It Up

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Sorry if you love Eclare. I haven't had clare in the story much because she's not a charater I would call my fav I always liked her and I loved her in season 8-11 now not so much and don't worry I love Murno Chambers (Eli) so I'll put them in the story more.

I ONLY include characters that's my favorite in this story. 

Sitting outside

Jenna : Hey girls 

Clare : *turn around* Hey

Alli : Hey 

Jenna : I need to change Connor's clothes just like change it up 

Alli : W-what's  wrong with what he has on now ? 

Clare : *acts like jenna* I like Connor's weird ways it's somewhat... sexy !

Jenna : Don't get me wrong I love Connor and he style isn't so bad but I just want to throw in a touch of um.. Swaaaag ? *smile* 

Alli : Well take him to the mall and let him try on a couple of things but ! I have to go now Science class *turn around and almost bump into the camera man* hahah i'm so sorry *walk inside the school*

Owen : Yo Alli !

Alli : Yes ? 

Owen : We got you a late birthday gift it's all from the team 

Dallas : *look down at her* 

Josh : We all brought this for you *hand her a varsity jacket* 

Alli : *grab it and smile* Awww thanks yall *put it on* So like does this mean I'm captain ? Because all of yall have the same jackets on and I have a whole different one *look up at Dallas* 

Dallas : Alright you wen't to far now.. no it does not *push her* go go along now little one 

Alli : It's not my fault i'm small *walk down the hall* 

Coming Up 

Dallas : You need to slow down

Connor : Yea well go on a double date with the other couples 

Clare : Okay.. 

Alli : I can do it it will just take a minute 

Dallas : W-wait rocky slow down... *on the phone* what's going on ? 

Connor : So you wanna change me again ? 

Rocky : I don't know she just go down on the floor and stuff I called the police already 

Clare : A room ? Eli I don't know... 

Eli : We've been through a lot already

Clare : But i'm just not ready ! 

Drew : *look up* 

Bianca : You two need a minute alone ? 

Jenna : Your not ? *smile* I just want you to understand 

Connor : I do *kiss her* 

Clare : *look at everyone looking at her* N-no i'll just leave *get up* 

Dallas : *holding on to the truck* Is.. is she going to be okay.. ? 

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