Taking on way too much

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Next Day

Clare : Let's go 

Eli : Wait *grab her and* how about we go out to night the guys want to take the girls on double dates with Jenna and Alli 

Clare : Sure sounds fun 

Sitting in class 

Connor : Yea well go on a double date with the other couples

Jenna : Yeah but how about we go shopping first... I.. want to get you a few things and myself ! for the date 

Connor : Alright sure I'll ask Archie (Simpson Connor's god dad) can I drive his car after school and we can go from there 

Jenna : Alright *turn her head to the board smiling* 

I just hope Connor doesn't freak out because i'm going to get some new clothes that will look a little different from what he would normally wear - Jenna

Mean while on the other side of the school 

Math Class 

Alli : *see a girl sit next to Dallas and the team* 

Imogen : Looks like someone is getting a little bit too friendly with the hockey team 

Alli : *looking at her then turn around and tap on her desk* Dallas.. *whisper* 

Teacher : Okay ! so we're going to go over a few things ! like !-

Dallas : *turn around* 

Owen : *look at Alli*

Alli : Come sit with me 

Dallas : *get up and push in his chair then grab his books* 

Teacher : Umm.. Dallas why are you up ? 

Dallas : Just switching my seat *sit down next to Alli* 

Teacher : Alright hurry up 

Dallas : Why did you want me over here ? 

Alli : Some people are just too close 

Dallas : *look at the girl* 

Teacher : Get started on your paper and well be out here early ! 

Dallas : *grab his paper* Her ? Really ? 

Alli : *look at her paper chewing gum* but she didn't have to be that close *look at him* 

Dallas : *grab her hand* but who did I give the ring to ? 

Alli : *suck her teeth smirking writing* 

Dallas : Who did I give the ring to ? 

Alli : Me 

Dallas : Well you have nothing to worry about we're going out tonight but I have to pick up Rocky because Vanessa cant because she has to work Audra said she'll watch him while we're out 

Alli : I can pick him up and take him to Audra's because I have to go near his school anyway 

Dallas : You sure ? You have to do th- *get cuts off* 

Alli : I can do two things at a time 

Dallas : Yeah sometimes you need to slow down 

Bell Rings 

Teacher : You all are free to leave ! 

Alli : *get up then put her hand on the desk to hold her up and paste back and fourth* 

Imogen : Whoa *hold her by her shoulders* Are you okay ? 

Dallas : *over hear Imogen then turn around and walk over to alli* What's wrong ? 

Alli : Nothing nothing I was just feeling a little dizzy that's all 

Dallas : That's all and you think your okay ? 

Alli : Yes I know my body *walk pass him* 

Imogen : You sure she thinks she's fine 

Dallas : *look down at Imogen* Hope so 

Coming Up 

Clare : Okay.. 

Dallas : W-wait rocky slow down... *on the phone* what's going on ?

Connor : So you wanna change me again ? 

Rocky : I don't know she just go down on the floor and stuff I called the police already

Clare : A room ? Eli I don't know... 

Eli : We've been through a lot already

Clare : But i'm just not ready ! 

Drew : *look up* 

Bianca : You two need a minute alone ? 

Jenna : Your not ? *smile* I just want you to understand 

Connor : I do *kiss her* 

Clare : *look at everyone looking at her* N-no i'll just leave *get up* 

Dallas : *holding on to the truck* Is.. is she going to be okay.. ?

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