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Dallas : *hang up his jacket* Want me to make you something to eat ? 

Alli : No I got it *walk to the kitchen* 

Dallas : Alright I'll be in the room *leave out* 

Alli : K.. *says it in a light voice and getting a pan and look at the camera man and look away then lean on the kitchen counter on her phone* 

Later that night 

Alli : *comes in the room and close the door looking at him* Dallas 

Dallas : Huh ? *look at her* 

Alli : I'm sorry about what happened today 

Dallas : It's cool nobody knew it was going to happen 

Alli : But *climb on top of him* Rocky what if it scard him 

Dallas : If it did he'll come and tell us about it like he does with everything he's always been upfront and we can always ask him about it *hold her by her hips* 

Alli : I know i'm really sorry *kiss him* 

Dallas : *kiss her back* It's okayyyy *rub on but then get on top of her and bite her lip* 

Alli : Stoppp ! hahaha move ! 

Dallas : *stop bitting on her lip and look into her eyes* 

Alli : I need you to move so I can get in the shower 

Dallas : Give me a kiss 

Alli : *kiss him* Now get up 

Dallas : *move* 

Alli : *get up and go in the bathroom* 

Couple minutes later 

Alli : Oh my gosh look what Connor put on instagram of me 

Dallas : What ?

Alli : He put this picture up of me sneezing when we were at the dance *show him* 

Dallas : Hhahah eww 

Picture right here ->> 

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