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Dallas House 

Drew : So weird not seeing Alli here 

Dallas : I know 

Drew : Speaking of Alli how are you two ? 

Dallas : Well lastnight i'm walking to the pool and guess who bumps into me 

Drew : Alli

Dallas : Yep going to the pool we get into the gates and we talked and then I was just sucking on her titties and she's moaning but she stopped me 

Drew : So do you like her ? You ex changed her hair color and is looking good *show him a picture on instagram* 

Dallas : Damn she looks good I still love her but she hid a pregnancy from me and now I have trust issues once again 

Drew : Read this *look at his phone* I love how they work out their problems so fast their relationship is so.... special *look at him* i'm not forcing you because everyone says so but think about alright ! Lets go to school 

Dallas : Yeah *get up* 


Jenna : *walk over to connor locker* Hey 

Connor : Hey 

Jenna : Connor I'm sorry your not even talking to me anymore 

Connor : Umm... I don't want to be with you anymore.. *close his locker and walk away*

Jenna : *walk to class as fast as she can* 

Alli getting out her car walking to the school on her phone 

Owen : Bhandari.... ! 

Dallas : *turn around and lean on the wall and look at her* 

Alli : Hi Owen haha *open the door and go inside* 

Reply to a instagram comment : @Bhandari are you two back together what happened in London ? Please notice me ! @Starr221 it's between us, no we're just friends 

Coach : *open the school door* Boys ! Come to the ice room we need to have a talk  !

Luke : aww come on coach *walking* 

Ice Room 

Coach : Look we're not having practice or any games for about three weeks 

Dallas : Why is that ? 

Coach : Because I'll be going under the knife and I need time to get better, that's really all you need to know alright now class is starting in five minutes so hurry up and get there 

Owen :  Good Luck coach

Alli & Dallas lunch date 

Dallas : So you ready ?

Alli : Yeah *put her books in her locker and walk with him out the school* 

Tori : *Pat tristan shoulder to look at them* 

Tristan : Oooool couple alert ! there so cute together 

Tori : Yeah 


Alli : *drink her drink* So how's Rocky ? 

Dallas : He's doing great in school and is able to do his homework on his own now

Alli : Wow *smile* 

Dallas : He's goes I don't need help I can do it 

Alli : Awww hahaha 

Dallas : Changed  your hair what is that a tease ? 

Alli : hahaha no ! It's just I don't want my hair black all the time 

Dallas : *look up* 

Girl : Mike look it's bhandallas ! Hi sorry to interupe but can me and my friend have a picture with you ? 

Alli : Yeah 

Girl : *take a picture with them* Thank you I love your relationship so much but i'm going to let you two eat now bye 

Dallas : Bye *look at Alli* hahaha 

Alli : I know 

Couple minutes later... 

Dallas : *about to feed her cake but then put it in his mouth* 

Alli : *close her mouth* Hey ! *hit him* 

Dallas : Alright *laugh a little* here *feed her the cake* 

Alli : Thank you *roll her eyes and look at him* 

Dallas : *lean and kiss her* 

Alli : *kissing him then stop* It's time for us to go back to the crazy halls of degrassi *grab her bag* 

Dallas : *pout* Yeah come on *put the money on the table and leave with her* 

A Girl Was Recording Them Kissing And Put It On Instagram And Twitter 

Girl : Oh my gosh that was so cute 

Mike : I know I wonder why their not together anymore.. 

Coming Up 

Simpson : So ! A production wants us to film a school reality show and no fake situations they said they need all real problems they will be at your house when you go somewhere and in school of course 

Clare : Guessing they want Bhandallas to be on there 

Alli : I know so we're not together anymore tho

Clare : But you act like it 

Alli : *look at dallas and smile* 

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