Had to take the big girl panties off Part 1

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So when Dallas come back he's going to tell Rocky what's going on and i'm nervous to be honest i'm thinking should I stay in the livingroom or just go in a different room I just don't want to see his face when he tells him - Alli

Alli : *sitting in the livingroom alone watching Degrassi The Reality Show waiting for Dallas*

Later that night..

Alli : I don't know I want to be here just to let him know i'm here for him I just don't want to deal with his reaction then i'll start thinking about it over and over again

Dallas : It's fine if you won't be in here he'll be here for a while

Alli : Just just call him

Dallas : You sure ?

Alli : *nod her head yes*

Dallas : Rocky ! come here we have to talk to you !

Alli : Shaking.... *show him her hands*

Dallas : *hold her hand*

Rock : *come in the livingroom and sit down* Yes ?

Dallas : So you'll be staying here for a while now because... your mom is very sick

Rock : Well what's wrong with her ? she has a cold ?

Alli : *look away from rock and look on the floor*

Dallas : Well Vanessa head was hurting because she had a tumor growing and doctor ran a test on her today and they said it's a brain tumor

Rock : So what's going to happen to her ? Is she going to be okay ?

Alli : *looking at him*

Dallas : She should be they said it's just a small one so they can have it removed when they do surgery on her tomorrow..

Rocky : I know she's going to be okay.. because hello my mom is Vanessa Morgan

Dallas : hahaha so.. you okay ?

Rocky : Yeah i'm also sleepy it's nine fifty something

Alli : *smile*

Dallas : Alright you can go to bed

Rocky : Good night *walking away*

Alli : Night

Dallas : See it wasn't that hard

Alli : I know I just thought so but you wanna go to bed ? *rubbing on his hand*

Dallas : Actually *look at his watch* a new episode of Degrassi is about to come on at ten *get up*

Alli : *follow him to the other couch*

Coming up...

Vanessa : Mommy loves you okay

Rock : Yes

She's a really strong girl so I know she'll be okay - Alli

Jenna : Eli ?

Clare : Oh really ? Jenna ?

Jenna : Okay then ask him yourself

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