Meet the parents

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The picture is what they wore to graduation This story is continuing from part 50 "Prom"

Dallas : *walk over to his mom tap her shoulder* Mom

Dallas mom : *turn away from her husband* Aww baby.. *Hug him and start to cry* I missed you so much

Dallas : Ugh mom come on.. Hahaha *hugging her* I missed you too

Dallas mom : *let go of him wiping her face*

Dallas : Hey dad *hug him*

Alli : *walk away from her mom and dad and walk over and stand behind dallas and hold the side of him*

Dallas : *feel her then grab her hand* This is Alli *pull her from behind him*

Alli : *holding Dallas hand* Hiiii *smiling*

Dallas mom : Oh so this is Alli ? Your so beautiful *hug her*

Alli : Thank you

Dallas dad : Welcome to the family science super star *shaking her hand*

Alli : Thank you Thank you *put her hands on top of her head like she's soldering a crown* hahaha

After Dallas dad said those four words... "Welcome to the family " it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders I thought I was going to have to keep talking and talking their ears off for that

Eli : This is the next step were going to be successful writers

Clare : I know I can hear it now Clare Edwards. .. Eli Goldsworthy

Eli : hahaha I love you *kiss her*

Dallas : hahaha *look over and see Alli parents* I'll be back okay?

Alli : Okay *face Dallas parents*

Dallas : Hi Mr. And Mrs. Bhandari

Alli mom : Oh hey dallas congratulations* hug him*

Alli dad : Congratulations* smiling shaking his hand*

Dallas : Thank you um.. I just wanted to come over to say hi and to talk

Alli dad : Okay what is it ?

Dallas : I just wanted to say I'm sorry for um.. Marrying well putting a ring on your daughter finger without you knowing I should have asked for your blessing first

Alli dad : Were not disappointed at you we understand Alli has done a lot of crazy things dealing with boys even though this is by far the craziest. ... We understand Dallas and I'm beyond proud of the both of you

Alli mom : Yeah everything's just fine.. If Alli loves you we love you

Dallas : *smile* Thank you so much Oh um.. My mom and dad finally made it here tonight if you want to meet them they're over ?

Alli mom : Oh yes sure

Dallas : *start to walk over and look at the floor* Watch your step *help her across the room* Mom Dad this is Alli's mom and dad

*They all greet eachother*

Vanessa : *tap Alli shoulder* congratulations. .. !

Alli : Thank you ! *hugging her*

Rocky : Ready for college ?

Alli : Yeah

After graduation Connor, Jenna, Eli, Drew, Clare, Rock, Vanessa, Alli, Bianca, Dallas, Owen, Coach, Audra, Dallas parents, Alli Parents and more of the hockey team went to go get brunch

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