What was his answer ?

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Outside the Ice Room

Clare : *running down the hall* Alli ! 

Alli : *pull away from kissing dallas* Yeah ?

Dallas : *looking at Clare with his back leaning on the wall* 

Clare : Sorry Dallas hahaha 

Dallas : It's alright 

Clare : So tonight Eli and I are going to a hotel.. and we're going to you know.... 

Alli : Aww well you need to go shopping ! 

Dallas : *shake his head*

Alli : Like not lungerie like a cute dress just make sure your bra and panties are matching hahah and stay safe

Clare : Well duhh thanks for the tips like I have to go shopping and hurry and get out of school and stop kissing hahah bye dallas you can have your lips back

Dallas : Thank you 

Alli : I don't want you to go to practice *hug him* 

Dallas : I have to *looking down at her* 

Alli : I know *stand on her tippie toes and kiss him* 

Owen : That's funniest thing I've ever saw she's so short let me take a picture of this *take a picture and open the door* my caption is going to be the struggle *close the door*

Alli : That's really mean hahaha 

Dallas : Alright I got to go *hold her lower back leaning down making out with her* 

Alli : *kissing him then pull away* See you later.. *grab her bag off the floor and walk down the hallway to leave out the school* 

Dallas : *look at her leave then laugh to his self and go in the ice room* 

Coming Up..

Jenna : So how was it ? 

Clare : It wasn't awkward at all it was great I have to say 

Alli : Hmmm... hahaha 

Luke : *walk pass Dallas looking at him* 

Dallas : *look at him* Alright I can't bite my tongue anymore Luke ! *get up* 

Coach : How you acting was unacceptable pack your bags tell your family your coming home you are no longer apart of the Ice Hounds 

Owen : See man... all you had to do was let him go on and do what he had to do now look what happened

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