Lust or Love ?

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Dallas : *holding alli against the wall thrusting inside of her*

Alli : *holding him by his shoulders* Baby.... *Lay her head on the side of his shoulder* 

Dallas : *put his self all the way inside her slowly*

Alli : *gasp then look down at his area then put her hand on his stomach pushing him off of her* wait wait wait... Okay go ahead

Dallas : *put his self all the way inside her slowly*

Alli : Oh my gossssshhh.... *Tightly close her eyes*

Dallas : *look up at ceiling*  fuck *hold her by the back of her knees then slam his body against hers over and over*

Alli : mmmm.... ! *Put her nails in his back a little* please make me cm

Dallas : *put his self all the way inside her and go in circles*

Alli : *throw her head back with her mouth open* uuuhh... I'm Cumming...

Dallas : *kiss her neck and hold her*

Alli : *make out with him then climb down and start to suck him*

Dallas : *grab her hair*

Alli : *suck his balls*

Dallas : Ahahahaha oooh shot *look down at her smiling*

Alli : *looking up at him* hahaha *put him inside of her mouth and fit it in the back of her throat*

Dallas : *push her head and start to thrust with his head thrown back and his eyes close*

Alli : *start to gag a little and choke* mm !

Dallas : *let go of her head* sorry Ahahahaha

Alli : *wipe her mouth*

Dallas : *pick her up and turn off the shower then take her to the bed*

Alli : *lay down and open her legs*

Dallas : *finger her looking into her eyes then start to kiss her*

Alli : *frown then she squirts*

Dallas : *take his fingers out of her then hold her legs onto the bed and put his self in her*

Alli : *looking at him go in and out of her* right there please don't move

Dallas : *go deeper*

Alli : *close her leg a little*

Dallas : *bend down over her*

Alli : *hold his back* mmmm...

Dallas : *kissing neck going faster*

Alli : oooooh *grab the sheet* ah ! *She starts to squirt*

Dallas : *still thrusting inside her* shit..

Alli : Baby ! *put nails in his back*

Dallas : *stop thrusting and put his whole man hood inside of her*

Alli : oooohhh ! *Arch her back holding onto the sheet*

Dallas : *take his self out of her*

Alli : *close her legs and rub on her self then sit up and suck on him*

Dallas : *start to cum*  ahhh ahh

Next morning at Degrassi

Jenna : So there's this party..

Clare : Where at ?

Jenna : At one of the tenth graders house...

Alli : Eh..

Jenna : But everyone's invited it's a pool party

Alli : I'll go I been stressed just thinking about college

Clare : Count me in

Tori : Alli ! *run to her* Hey Clare and Jenna

They both greet her

Tori : I aced my test ! Look !

Alli : *grab the paper*  Yes ! see all you needed was a little studying and focus

Tori : Now I can go to that party are... You girls going ?

Clare : Yep

Tori : Okay well I got to go see you at the party *walk away*

Dallas : *walking with coach*

Coach : Alright see you after school

Alli : *run over to him* So are you going to the pool party ?

Dallas : Have to work

Alli : *make a sad face* well I'all send you pictures of the wo wonderful time were having

Dallas : Yeah that'll be something I'm looking forward to *smiling shaking his head*

Brenda : You so sexy *hold her face and kiss her*

Tori : I want him to like me so I have to have sex with him

Drew : Whhooaaa !

Imogen : Well look at this

Dallas : That's just... *Shaking his head*

Tori : Hello ? Anyone ?

Alli : Dallas...

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