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Alli is getting ready for Prom with Jenna Clare and Bianca while the boys are sitting in the living room waiting..

Bianca : We look soo pretty !

Jenna : I know I can't wait until graduation because Connor said he has a surprise for me

Alli : Oh my gosh I wonder what it is...

Clare : Yeah

Alli : Dallas mom and dad are going to be here for graduation then staying here for a couple of days They've been on the road since yesterday I'm just really nervous

Bianca : Have you met them yet ?

Alli : Yeah through facetime because they live so far away hahaha but... Dallas wants to apologize to my parents about us getting engaged without them knowing

Clare : Yeah do you think they're going to forgive him ?

Alli : I mean we've visited my house all the time they've never seem mad at him about I-I don't know.. He just wants to make sure everything okay before we move forward but enough girl chat let's go the boys are waiting..


Jenna : *dancing with Connor* I really want to know what my surprise is !

Connor : You have to wait *put hid arm around her*

Bianca : *look down and smile then lean towards his ear* I love you !

Drew : I love you too promise me you won't find another guy while your away..

Bianca : I won't I promise

Drew : And I promise I won't find another girl

Dallas : *hold Alli arm up*

Alli : *spin around then hold his shoulders* I can't wait to meet your mom

Dallas : She's going to love you

Alli : *smile*

Eli : Ready to take the next step in our lives ?

Clare : Yes it's amazing were going to college together

Eli : It's great well be successful writers

Clare : Collaboration books I can hear it now Clare Edwards... Eli Goldsworthy

Eli : hahaha..

After Prom Out Eating


Drew : Here we go man... *drinking with his hand on dallas shoulder*

Dallas : I know man... Crazy

Drew : Seems like yesterday you came in my house and my mom introduced you to us then when I came you to wake up you girls just walking out the back door I was like whoa..

Dallas : Ahahahaha then I met Connor in scients class he was my partner he just started talking I was like *reach in his pocket* What does that word mean ? *act like he's holding a book*

Connor : hahaha sorry that's just how I talk *giggle to him self*


Clare : I'm so sleepy *lay her head on Eli*

Eli : *pat her*

Alli : Ahahahaha good night

Bianca : *shake her head looking in her cup pushing her straw in and out her drink*

Alli : *look at her phone* It's rocky *answer the phone* Hello

She puts him on speaker

Rock : Hey

Alli : Hey what you doing ?

Rock : Nothing just board on boring Thursday but I saw yall little pictures.. and I have to say not cute

Jenna : oooh ! That's not nice Rocky !

Rock : Oh did I hurt your feelings ?!

Bianca : Yes ! We worked hard on our makeup and finding a dress

Rock : Oh then I did a good job

Eli : hahaha

Rock : Oh hey Eli

Eli : What's up.. ?

Rock : Nothing just waiting for my mom to finish cooking

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