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Rocky has finally went home. Vanessa is doing better.. She talked to Rocky and Dallas about Helena, Alli is looking into being real estate agent for a second Job.

Phone convo

Teacher : Hi this is Rock's teacher um.. Rock had a sort of malt down today and got up ajd hit one of his classmates we'll talk about why he punched him when you get here...can you and Vanessa get to the school after school ?

Dallas : Yeah I'll call her and let her know

Teacher : Okay thankyou so much have a great day... Bye *hand up*

Dallas : You too *hand up*

I went through my last period of class wondering why did Rocky act out in class today.. - Dallas

Degrassi Elementary School

Teacher : Okay as you all know Rock and his class mate Malik Adams got into an altercation today some words were exchanged and Rock punch Malik, Malik fell on the floor and Rock kept punching him until we had to break it up.. Rock would you like to explain why you did what you did ?

Rock : We were all just talking about how were going to be friends until high school and he just had to add his smart comment and say well are you going to be a teen dad ? That was disrespectful to me and my dad so I punched him he shouldn't of never said anything like that...

Milk's mom : Malik even though you might not understand how triggered that question made Rock you have to think before you speak it was a very smart comment to make he lives this everyday of his life and I think you knew what you were doing so you need to apologize right now..

Malik : Im sorry about what I said Rock and I'm sorry Mr.Mike

Rock : Im sorry for hitting you I should have handled it a different way

Walk to the car..

Vanessa : So.. You know you can't go over your dad house now dont you ?

Rock : Why ? *frown*

Vanessa : You were fighting in school. Your dad lets you go where ever you want you said it yourself you should have handled it a different way.. *open the car door for him* you dont get rewarded for fighting

Rock : *sit down*

Vanessa : *about to close the door*

Rock : I got it *says it in a mean way still frowning then close the door*

Mean while..

Jenna, Connor, Drew, Alli, Dallas, Bianca, Eli and Clare are shopping for prom

Dallas : *come out the change room*

Jenna : Yassss ! Now you have to get that... *Point at his outfit*

Dallas : hahaha *adjusting his suit*

Eli : Can't believe that were graduating when ? In like two days

Alli : I know

Bianca : I just never thought I'd be going dress shopping with Bhandari

Alli : hahaha

Clare : Life is happening after high school tall

Jenna : I know

Connor : *looping into the mirror at his suit*

Drew : Can't wait for prom though

Eli : Yup
That's Dallas suite his wearing for prom in the picture..
Coming up..

Clare : I think tonight is the night !

Alli : Whoa...

Drew : *his arm around dallas* Here we go man... *Drinking*

Dallas : hahaha yeah..

Audra : I've made the best descion letting you stay here please visit when you can

Dallas : I will Audra.. *smile and hug her* Your like my second mom

Rock : Hey grandmom what you bring me

Vanessa : Rock *look at him*

Dallas mom : I'm so happy to meet you in person your so beautiful Alli *hug her*

Sav : *shake Dallas hand* What I tell you ? You two are going to be together for a long time.. Ugh.. I'll give you hug since your the only one of my sisters boyfriend* hug him* I like !

Dallas : hahaha

Imogen : I'm so happy to be graduating with everyone today... And I mean everyone even you Bhandari I'm really sorry..

Dallas : *look at her*

Alli : *hold her chest and nod her head*

Connor : This is it !

Jenna : I love you so much I never want to leave you ever..

Connor : Same here *look at Dallas*

Jenna : What are you doing ? Oh my gosh.. Alli

Alli : *turn around and cover her mouth smiling* Yay !

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