You need it you want it all over your body

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Two days later..

Rock : *lock the door and leave* 

Dallas : *laying on the couch falling to sleep* 

Alli : *walk from the kitchen over to dallas and rub on his chest* Baby... 

Dallas : Yeah ? *talking with his eyes closed* 

Alli : Come on.. let's go do something 

Dallas : I just got back from practice i'm tired 

Alli : *take her hand off of him and pout and walk away* 

Degrassi Elementary School Next Day,

Shayla : Where did you get those ear rings ? They're so nice 

Helena : Rock brought them for me he gave them to me on our date 

Asia : They are nice he's so sweet to you 

Helena : I know 

Shayla : He can by her anything she wants don't you know who his dad is ? 

Asia : Who ? 

Erica : Ice Hound Mike Dallas the captain.. he's rich 

Shay : I watch them on TV his real mom is so pretty and his step mom is too his dad is soo cute 

Asia : Now we know where Rock gets his deep voice from and he's only seven 

Erica : What do you think he'll buy you next ?

Helena : I don't know and I don't like Rocky because of all the stuff he can buy me I just really like him 

Shay : Awww  i'm going to walk pass the car when Rocky gets picked up just to see Mike Dallas and Alli 


Dallas : *walk over to Alli and Jenna then hug her from behind trying to kiss her* 

Owen :*stand there waiting for him* 

Alli : *move her head* I'm talking.. *face jenna* so anyways I was like...

Dallas : *kiss her neck* 

Alli : Dallas... stop 

Owen : *shake his head* 

Dallas : *kiss her on the side of her face and start to walk away* 

Alli : *push him* 

Dallas : *look over his shoulder at her and smile then turn arond* 

Owen : Thatime of the month ? 

Dallas : No she's probably mad because I was tired from hockey practice and she wanted to have sex and I didn't

Owen : Whoo.. hella arugements when you get back to the house 

Mean while on the other side of the school 

Eli : Yah I toched her but I was drunk clare i'm sorry nothing like that will happen ever again

Clare : Yeah because your not going to a party without me

Eli : What are you my mom ? 

Clare : No I just dont- *gets cut of* 

Eli : No you think I can't handle myself Connor told me to to stop drinking and I did because it was his party I wasn't falling over the floor drunk and now you think you can coach me and my drinking 

Clare : No can you let me explain?

Eli : We're done *close his locker and walk away*

Clare : Eli... 

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