It happens to the unexpected

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Phone convo

Vanessa : Hey Alli 

Alli : Hey 

Vanessa : Hey I was just wondering could you and Dallas watch Rocky for maybe an hour or two I have to go to the emergancy awards 

Alli : Yeah sure is everything okay ?

Vanessa : I've been having these bad pains in my head I can't ignore them anymore I've scared my self last night on google last night and I have to go see what's up I need to be here for my son 

Alli : Yeah hope it's nothing bad which i'm sure you'll be fine so i'll call you to check up on you later 

Vanessa : Yeah girl alright thanks he'll be over soon bye

Alli : Bye 

Dallas : *come out the bathroom* 

Alli : Rocky has to come over Vanessa need to go to the emergency awards

Dallas : Why what's wrong with her ? 

Alli : She said she's been getting pains in her head and has to go get it checked out 

Dallas : *looking on the floor thinking* Hope it's nothing serious 

Alli : Same here *hear the door bell* That must be Rocky 

Dallas : I'll get it *walk out the room* 


Vanessa : Hey i'm just going to go to the emergency award i'm sure Alli told you 

Dallas : Yeah

Vanessa : But i'm sure it's nothing too bad i'll probably be out of there in a hour or two then i'll come and get him okay bye Rocky *hug him* I love you 

Rocky : Love you too 

Dallas : Alright i'll call you 

Vanessa : Okay bye *walk to her car* 


Rock : *take his jacket off* Alli's here ?

Dallas : Yeah she's in the room 

Bed room

Rock : Hey Alli *walk over to her* 

Alli : Hey *hug him* 

Rock : *climb on the bed* Watching you and my dad and your friends on TV again ? *looking at the TV* 

Alli : Yeah missed a couple episodes had to work 

Rock : Can we go to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch ? 

Alli : Yeah we can go when your dad leaves for work *get up and fix her hair* he's about to leave in a sec *put some shoes on* 

Dallas : I'm leaving now where yall going ? 

Rock : To Ruby Tuesdays I need to taste that new cake they got 

Dallas : mmmhhmm you need new everything that's all you say *kiss Alli and hug rocky* leaving out with me ? 

Alli : Yeah *grab her bag leave out the room with rocky and dallas* 

Ruby Tuesdays 

Rock : I'm about to take a picture of you because you think you cute *looking at his phone chewing*

Alli : hahaha i am cute *tilt her head and smile* 

Rock : *looking at the picture shaking his head* Not even cute hahaha 

Alli : Shut up 

Rock : This going straight on instagram caption ! My step mom swear she look cute hash tag ! not cute 

Alli : hahahahaha mmmhhmmm and watch I won't like it 

Rock : So ! *smiling* 

Coming up...

Vanessa : I don't want to say it 

Alli : What ? Well what do I say to him ? 

Rock : That's my mom

Dallas : Rocky ! come here Alli and have to talk to you !

Vanessa : Mommy loves you okay ? Always know that 

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