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Vanessa : Well I love the nanny idea I'm just waiting for my acceptance letter to come

Alli : What college ?

Vanessa : University of London

Dallas : Might just stay in England then *putting his jacket on*

Vanessa : Yeah I know *look at rocky* Rocky pull down your pants leg

Rock : Okay mom... *Suck his teeth*

Vanessa : It will be fun new college new people new place

Alli : I know I love degrassi but it's crazy

Vanessa : I know on the show... You've been going there for how long ?

Alli : Junior high

Vanessa : eh... *Shake her head*

Next day Simpson's office

Simpson : So this letter has come in the mail this morning *hand him the big envelop* a hockey leed is offering you a scholarship the school is Cambridge

Dallas : *opening the letter nodding his head*

Simpson : Plus they're paying good money over there than here even though your getting paid pretty well here

Dallas : Wow *smiling reading the letter*

Bell rings

Dallas : Thanks Simpson see you later *leave out*

Tori is talking to Alli about science then she starts to take pictures with her

Alli : *tilt her head to the side smiling*

Dallas : *run behind Alli and hug her to from behind* Guess who got a full scholarship for a hockey leed and.... The team plays for..... Cambridge

Alli : *snatch the letter out his hand and turn around smiling* Your going to Cambridge! ?

Dallas : Yeah

Alli : Ah *scream and hug him*

Tori : Congrats Dallas* shake his hand*

Dallas : Thank you

Tori : Whelp I got to go and ace this test I hope

Alli : Good luck *cross her fingers*

Tori : Thanks *walk away*

Alli : I'm so happy for you baby

Dallas : *hugging her* but don't you want to go to MIT ?

Alli : No not really I read up on Cambridge they do way more than MIT and they have a good science program just hope I get in

Dallas : I'm sure you will *reach in his pocket and grab his phone and start to make an instagram video*

Alli : Wait *grab her envelop* I didn't even take mine home yet

Dallas : *press record* Guess who's going to Cambridge

They hold up both of their letter

Alli : Us !

Dallas : *Take his arm from around her* We have to start walking though we're five minutes late

Alli : *walking with him* this is my class right here bye

Dallas : *kiss her then upload the video to instagram*

Coming up

Drew : So this is next move the Uk ! I just hope I can get in a college over because the way my grades be looking....

Bianca : hahaha

Alli : *swimming a little*

Jenna : Yeah you kissed her

Clare : Not like no small kiss it was making out

Dallas : See that's just... *Shaking his head*

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