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7 : 09am 

Alli : *over top of dallas face on doggy style* 

Dallas : *slurping her clit really hard* 

Alli : mmm... 

Dallas : *start to put all four finger in her and finger her really fast* 

Alli : *gasp with her mouth open* Im about to cum ! *arching her back* uuuhh.... please don't stop 

Dallas : *put his finger in deeper sucking her clit* 

Alli : *curl her toes* Fuck ! right there right stay right there baby please 

Dallas : *finger her faster* 

Alli : Yes yes *her legs shake* 

Dallas : *put them deeper in* 

Alli : *speachless then gasp* I-I can't take it ohhh fuck *start to squirt all over dallas* Ahhhhh... 

Dallas : *still finger her* 

Alli : *grinding on his finger* Don't stop *say it in a soft voice* 

Dallas : *make his finger go in small fast circles* 

Alli : *start to squirt until she cant stop then crawl backward and lay on to of Dallas and make out with his him while sliding her clit up and down his area breathing heavy* 


Dallas : *come in from outside and walk by Alli and look at her* 

Alli : *looking at him walking away smiling* 

Dallas : *feel her still looking at him then turn around and put a big smile on his face clap his hands together and roll his eyes acting like her* Looking at me ?  

Picture ->>

Alli : hahaha ! what did you just do ?! 

Tori : *watching theam and smiling* Aww they're so cute 

Dallas : Don't know but get to class *turn around and walk to the ice croom*

Tristin : I love the way they tell eachother what to do

This would have to be the best he ever ate me out just saying - Alli

Clare : So should I tell him sorry ? 

Jenna : Well yeah Alli what do you think ?

Clare : Alli 

Alli : *turn around* What ? 

Clare : Do you think I should tell Eli i'm sorry for yelling at im at dinner we were talking about sex and I screamed I wasn't ready infront of everyone 

Alli : Well duhh Clare

Clare : I'll go over now *walk to the other side of the school to Eli's locker* 

Jenna : There she goes hope everything works out fine 

Alli : I know I can't believe they haven't made up yet 

Jenna : But I wanted to tell you this i'm feeling really sick like I was when I was pregnant 

Alli : Well good morning Jenna.. come on really ? Remember what happened with you and K.C. ? 

Jenna : Yes that's why i'm freaking out ! 

Alli : Let's just go and get a test after school or during lunch period what are you going totell Connor ?

Jenna : I don't know I'll have to find some big workd in te dictionary to explain I'm pregnant 

Alli : Take a deep breath and relax okay well go during lunch period if your really worried 

Jenna : Alright lets go to class 

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