“Brad stop it!” Meghan squealed as all eight of us had a snowball fight in the park. “Make me” Brad said as he picked her up and threw them both into the snow. “Tristan!” I screamed as he threw a snowball at me. “I love how I can make you scream my name” he winked as someone pulled my hat over my eyes. I took it off to find James. “McVey!” I shouted as I put my hat back on and threw a snowball at him. “Get him girl!” Tris said as he threw a snowball at James. “Stop ganging up on me!” James shouted. “We should split up into two teams” Chloe said as Connor held her from behind. “Which couples against which couples?” Tamara asked. “How about boys versus girls?” Meghan asked. “Boys have a stronger throw than girls” Connor said. “Oh is that right Ball?” I said as I threw a snowball at him. “Jeez I forgot, you’re half girl half animal” Connor said. “She’s my animal” Tris said kissing my forehead. “And you’re my animal” I said as I kissed his cheek. “So what’s it going to be? Two couples versus two couples or boys versus girls?” Brad asked. We all took a vote and it came out boys versus girls.

As Chloe, Meghan, Tamara and I threw snowballs at the boys, who were losing by two points. “Girls five, boys three, come on baby, you’re better than this” Keavy said to Brad, who was lying in the snow. “Yeah Brad, I’ve heard Meghan screaming your name for more!” Tristan said. “Shut up” Same can be said for you and Jaz, ‘Yes Tris right there’” Brad said. “Hey we’re all human here, we all have urges” Connor said. “Connor’s right, anyway why are we talking about our sex lives?” James said. "Meghan started it” Tamara said. “Did not, or I didn’t mean it like that” Meghan said. Chloe and I just stood there looking at eachother before starting the snowball fight again.

“Cheater!” I screamed as Tristan picked me up and threw me into the snow. He lay above me. “I’d never cheat” he said. “Tristan you’re breaking the rules of the game” I said. He shrugged as he kissed me gently. I held onto his neck as he held my waist and parted my lips with his tongue. As our tongues battles for dominance I blocked out everyone and focused on Tristan, who pulled away from me. “Can’t you see we’re having a moment?” he chuckled. “What happened?” I asked him as we sat up. “Your so called best friend threw a snowball at me” he said falling back into the snow. I gathered up some snow and sprinkled it over his face. “Stop it” he laughed. “Make me Evans” I chuckled and with that he pinned me into the snow and kissed me forcefully and made his way down my neck. “Tris we’re in public” I said biting back a moan. He looked down at me “Your point is?” he asked. I sat up and pointed to the little kids around the park. He just shrugged and stood up. I stood up only for Connor to pick me up and fling me over his shoulder. “Connor!” I squealed. “Trust me, please?” he said as he ran. I saw Tristan run after us. “Give me back my girlfriend Ball!” he shouted. “Come and get her” Connor said as he put me down and threw a snowball at Tristan. “I thought we were on the same team?” Tris shouted throwing a snowball at Connor. “You made out with my best friend in front of everyone, you deserved to get snowballed” Connor said. I grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at Tris, which resulted in him running after me. “No!” I screamed as I tried to hide behind Connor, before running towards James and Tamara. “Save me, my boyfriend’s gone wild!” I laughed as I hid behind them. “I know you’re behind James, you can’t hide baby” Tris chuckled as he stood in front of James catching his breath. I looked over James’ shoulder but to do so I had to stand on my tiptoes. At this point my hat had fallen over my eyes. “Can you actually see?” Tris asked me. I shook my head.

It was getting pretty dark and it was only 3pm. “I’m hungry and tired" Chloe moaned to Connor. “Same here” Meghan said as I nodded. “My parents need me home for Jai, I’m babysitting her tonight” I said fixing my hat so I could see. “You never told me that you were minding Jai tonight” Tris said. “Didn’t I? I thought I did” I said as everyone left us to talk. Tris just sighed, “Do you want to help me?” I asked him, this time he just shrugged. “Tris you can help me, Jai loves you like a brother” I said remembering what she asked me. Tris just looked at me, “Does she?” he asked. I nodded my head as I walked away from him. “Jaz wait!” he called. I stooped and held my hand out to him. He took it and we walked back to mine.

As we got back to mine Jaime jumped into Tristan’s arms. “Titty!” she yelled. “Jaime” Tris said as he picked her up. “You’ve gotten big, haven’t you?” he asked her. Jai just nodded. I pulled my jacket off and hung it on a hook.

After I‘d gotten tea on for Jai, Tris and myself, I sat down next to Tris on the sofa while Jai watched a kids program on CBBC. “Mum and dad have gone out for the night Jai, so Tris and I are in charge, okay?”  I said to her as Tris wrapped his arm around my body. “Okay” she said as she watched the telly. I looked at Tris who looked at me. He gently kissed me and I kissed him back.

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