I looked at Tris as we heard laughing from upstairs. I looked around the room to see Meghan and Brad weren’t in the room. Then we heard feet running down the stairs then I was engulfed in a hug. “Hey there” I laughed as Meghan pulled away. She smiled as she and Brad stood in front of all of us “We have some news” Brad said. The boys instantly smiled then Meghan said “We’re engaged!” Tam, Chloe and myself all jumped on her and hugged her.

I got myself and Jai home at about 9pm. Thankfully it was a Saturday so she didn’t have school in the morning. I got her to bed then there was a knock on the front door. I closed Jai’s door and went to answer the door. There stood Tris, my perfect boyfriend. “Hey sexy” I smirked cheekily. “Says you” he replied as I let him in. “What brings you here?” I asked him. “A number of things” he said hanging his coat up. I made us two hot chocolates as Tris flicked through the TV channels. I took the hot chocolates through as Tris found back to back episodes of family guy.

“So where are your parents?” Tris asked me. “Out until tomorrow” I said sipping my hot chocolate. “So…” he said. “Jai’s sleeping Tris” I said knowing exactly where he was going with this. “Okay then… how about we have sex down here?” he suggested. “What if Jai wakes up and comes down?” I asked him. He looked at me and kissed me sweetly. I kissed him back then I heard Jai crying. I pulled away from him and found Jai on the stairs. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” I asked her “I had a bad dream” she sobbed. Tris picked her up and cuddled her “It’s okay sweet girl” he whispered as he calmed her down. He put her to bed and I got ready for bed. Tris joined me in bed about ten minutes later. “How is she?” I asked him as he spooned me. “She just had a bad dream, I made her laugh, and then I told her I would take her shopping for a toy tomorrow” he said. I nodded as I fell asleep.

The next day all three of us went to Toys R Us to let Jai pick out a toy. She picked a few jigsaws. We paid for them then went to McDonalds. Jai had a happy meal, I had fries and a coffee and Tris had a cheese burger, fries and a coke. I watched him with Jai. “You’re amazing with kids” I smiled at him. “I do have a nine year old sister you know” he chuckled. “I’m seven” Jai smiled. Tris smiled back at her “I know” he said as James snuck up behind him and made him jump the height of himself. Jai, James and I just burst out laughing.

After we all stopped laughing we all walked back to the guys house where we found Meghan, Chloe, Tam, Connor and Brad playing twister. The four of us just stood there and watched them before James went up to Tam and tickled her causing her fall over. All you could hear from Tam was giggling and screaming as she begged James to stop. “Please stop” she screamed. He finally stopped when she pinned him to the floor and got her own back. I sat next to Meghan “Congratulations” I said to her for the third time. “Shut up” she smiled as she blushed lightly. “I really mean it, he’s lucky to have you” I told her, which only made her blush more and it made me giggle as I pulled her into a hug.

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