I woke up to the sound of loud music playing from the next room. I opened my eyes to find Tristan staring at the ceiling. I followed his gaze before laying my eyes back on him. "Brad and Meghan are having sex, you get use to it" he said looking at me before a smile spread across his face. I smiled with him, "So, why do they play their music full blast?" I asked him. "So we can't hear them, but they wake us all up!" he said raising his voice. I chuckled at him before I leant over to him and kissed his lips gently. "Morning beautiful" he said smiling. "Morning gorgeous" I responded back. He scoffed "Gorgeous? More like 'ugly'" he said. "You're not! I think you're gorgeous" I said kissing his lips gently again before Brad and Meghan turned their music down. Both Tristan and I sat up before getting ready for the day ahead of us.

As we got downstairs we found Connor and Chloe in the kitchen making out. I rolled my eyes as Tristan put the kettle on. Connor and Chloe broke apart, "So, how did you sleep? Tris didn't bite you did he?" Connor asked. I shook my head, "No he didn't, in fact he was the perfect gentleman" I said. Connor looked at me then Tristan, "Tristan Evans was a gentleman?" he asked, Tris shrugged "I gave her my bed and I slept on the floor" Tristan said. I nodded in agreement. Tris and I didn't want to say anything about our kiss to Connor, not until we were both ready to tell him, but first we had to see where our relationship was going. We both felt chemistry between us, but we didn't want to jinx what we had.

As everyone else came downstairs to have breakfast, Meghan looked worried about something and so did Brad. James and Tamara were eating in the livingroom away from everyone. Connor and Chloe had gone down to the shop to get the paper, while Tristan and I tried to hide our feelings from eachother so Meghan and Brad wouldn't expect anything. As Meghan stood up to leave I followed after her. "Hey Meghan, are you alright?" I asked her. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into Brad's room. "I'm scared" she whispered. I pulled her into a hug "What's wrong? I'm always here if you need me" I said. She calmed down enough to tell me what happened between her and Brad this morning. "Babe it happens, it doesn't mean the spark in your love has died" I said. She looked at me, "Really?" she asked. "Babe, sex in a relationship doesn't mean you have to orgasm every time, just knowing you're loved by that person that's all that counts, you got worried for nothing" I said reassuring her. She smiled "Thanks Jaz, you're a good friend" she said as she hugged me.

As we made our way downstairs Meghan jumped right into Brad's arms. She whispered to him and the worried look on his face washed away. Tristan stood beside me. "Little match maker are you?" he asked. "Nope, problem fixer" I replied as Connor and Chloe came in the door laughing. As Brad and Meghan asked what was happing, Tristan grabbed my hand and dragged me into his room. He closed the door before be looked at me. "What are you doing?" I asked him, he backed me against the wall and started to kiss my neck and jaw line. "Oh, I see, you want me all to yourself" I giggled as he pulled away from me; he leant down and crushed his lips to mine. I ran my fingers through his hair as he picked me up. He carried me to his bed and laid me down before he hovered over me, he kissed me gently before getting rough with me, just as things were heating up the door flew open.

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