Nine weeks went by like no time, I was busy at college and the boys were over in Spain filming their new music video. They were getting the last flight back over tonight so I would see my fiancé tomorrow at some point. I was looking forward to it because we hadn’t seen each other in about three weeks and I also had my twelve week scan tomorrow afternoon.

I got home, exhausted and found my mum in the kitchen talking to someone. I walked in and was greeted with a smiling blonde, also known as my fiancé. “Hey babe, you’re home early” I smiled as I hugged him. He hugged me back “We got finished early so we caught an earlier flight back” he said as he kissed me gently. I kissed him back and held his neck.

I woke up the next morning to hear Tris snoring lightly behind me. I looked behind me to find him on his back, facing away from me as his arm lay underneath me. I got up and went to my en-suit bathroom, put the shower on and sat on the edge of the bath and place my hands on my stomach and looked down as the shower covered up my small sobs. Every morning was the same, get up, throw up, cry, shower, get dressed, have breakfast and head out the door. I must have been crying for a good five minutes before I heard a knock on the door to see Tris standing there with tears in his eyes. “How long?” he asked as he held my face. “Three weeks, every morning” I said. He pulled me into a hug, “Hormones?” he asked me. I just nodded as he held me.

It got to 1pm and Tris and I were making our way to the hospital for our first scan. I was nervous, as was Tris. As we arrived we had only been sitting down for about two minutes before my name got called. We followed the doctor into the room and I sat on the bed as she asked me how I was feeling. I told her and she told me it was completely normal as she got me to lay back, lift up my top and squirted cold gel on my belly. Moments later on the small grainy screen was our baby. I looked at Tris who had his eyes fixed on the screen. I smiled and gently touched his cheek, he looked at me and smiled “It’s all becoming real now” he said. I smiled at him as the doctor gave me some tissues to remove the gel as she printed off a few pictures and put them in an envelope labelled ‘Baby Evans’. I took the envelope and we left and went home.

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