A few weeks had past and I was getting dressed, as I pulled my jeans on I couldn’t get the button to close. I lay on my back on the bed, bucked my hips up and tried again, still no luck. I groaned as Tris woke up and looked at me, “What’s wrong?” he asked me. I sighed “I can’t fasten my jeans” I said. He looked down at my belly “You look swollen, are you on your period?” he asked me. I shook my head “Not due until next week” I said. He looked at me “Book an appointment at the doctors?” he asked. I thought for a minute “Okay” I said, he looked at me and kissed me gently.

I got a doctor’s appointment for that afternoon. Tris had work so I went with Tam for some moral support if it turned out to be bad. The doctor asked me questions, I answered, and then she got me to lie on the bed. She gently prodded my sides, then looked at me. “Lift up your top” she said. I did as I was told and she squirted gel on my belly and wove the ultrasound wand over my belly and an image came onto the screen “It looks like you’re still pregnant, you must have been carrying twins, non-identical, you lost one baby but this one survived” she smiled. I chuckled and smiled as Tam stood next to me “Tris will be over the moon” she smiled. I smiled at her and nodded. The doctor printed off a few pictures “You’re about 14 to 15 weeks, keep taking it slow and I’ll see you for your 16th week scan” she smiled.

I got to Tam’s with her and found James and Tris in the livingroom, Tam sat on James’ lap as I sat next to Tris. He looked at me “Doctors appointment go well?” he asked. I nodded as I handed him the scan pictures, his eyes went wind “How?” he asked. “Turns out I was carrying twins, but this little one survived… Tris, we’re having a baby” I said. He smiled as engulfed me in a hug. I smiled and hugged him back, “We’re going to have a baby, Baby Evans” he smiled into my neck. I nodded and held him as I smiled “Baby Animal Evans” James said. Both Tris and I looked at him and smiled “Animal Jr, Jr” Tam said. “Animal the 3rd” I smiled. Tam smiled and hugged me as Tris hugged James.

I got home at 6pm and told my parents the news. They nodded and smiled as I handed a scan picture. Mum smiled as did dad. “Dad…” I whispered, hoping he wouldn’t disown me “I’m just trying to come to terms with the fact my little girl is having a baby” he said. I just nodded as I looked at my feet. After they talked to me I went upstairs and lay on my bed and slowly fell asleep.

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