Both Tristan and I turned to find James. Tristan pulled away from me as James kept his gaze on us. "What are you two playing at?" he asked closing the door. Tristan and I looked at eachother before looking at James. "We like eachother" Tristan said. James sighed, "Connor is going to go mental" he said. "No he won't" I said, both boys looked at me. "Well out of all three of us, I've known him longer" I said flinging my legs over Tristan's bed and stood up. "Besides, he owes me" I finished. Tristan stood up and looked down at me. "Meaning?" he asked me. "I caught him with my so-called-best-friend, turns out she was using me to get close to Con" I said. "But...?" James asked, "But... I really like Tris, he's sweet and he's kind, he's funny and he's... I mean come on, Tristan is basically sex on legs and he likes me too, I mean look at me compared to Tris" I said sighing. "I'm not 'sex on legs' and you're not dull, I think you're beautiful, I fancy you like crazy" Tristan said pulling me into a hug. "I'll keep you're little secret, if you don't tell Connor by the end of tomorrow, I'm telling him" James said as he left. Tristan and I looked at eachother, "We have to tell him first" Tristan said taking the words right out of my mouth.

As the day went by Tristan and I tried our hardest to get Connor to talk to us, but Chloe wanted hugs. She was complaining that she was cold. As she went to the bathroom, Tristan and I looked at eachother. Tristan sighed as he knew he'd lost. "Connor, I... we need to tell you something" he said. Connor looked at us "I knew it! You didn't sleep on the floor, did you?" he asked. I looked at Tristan and sighed. "Connor we shared my bed last night" Tristan said. Connor looked at us, "You didn't, did you?" he asked, thinking the worst. "Con, we didn't have sex, but we are attracted to eachother" Tristan said. I stood beside Tristan trying to get a word in, but failing, Tristan seemed to be in control. "Tristan, are you kidding me? You're attracted to my best friend?" Connor said. "Con, don't hate him, hate me, I was the one who kissed him back" I said. Connor looked at me. "You kissed my best friend?" he asked Tristan. Tris nodded then Connor's gaze fell on me. "You kissed him back? Two of my best friends kissed, what if you split up? It's going to ruining the band" he said. Tristan shook his head, "It won't, cause we won't, I really like her man, she's cute, funny, her lips are really soft" Tristan said slipping on his point as he looked down at me. "Wow, you really are telling the truth" I heard Connor say. I looked at Connor. "I like him too Connor, he gets me" I said as Tristan pulled me into his embrace and held me close as he kissed my forehead. Connor looked at us as he gave up the argument. "You can't find anyone else like Jaz, Tris, she's one in a million" he said. "I know; I'm just glad she likes me back" Tristan said.

It was about seven at night and I was thinking of leaving to go home "I better get going" I said standing up "I'll walk you home" Tristan said as he stood up. "You don't have to" I said looking at him. "No, I want to" he said. I shrugged, "Okay" I said as I grabbed my jacket and bag. "See you later guys" I shouted through the house. "Wait!" I heard Connor shout just as Tristan and I got to the front door. Connor bounded up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I held onto his neck as we hugged goodnight. We pulled apart, "I'll see you when I see you then" he said kissing my forehead. "Yeah you will" I said as Tristan and I left. We got to the end of the driveway before Tristan pulled me close to him. He tucked my hair behind my ear before kissing me passionately.

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