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Tam's POV

I sat cuddled up to James on the sofa watching telly. Meghan, Brad, Con and Chloe had all gone to bed. I could feel James looking at me. "Can I help you McVey?" I asked him. He smiled at me and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and looked into my eyes "I've been thinking and want your thoughts" he started as I looked at him and waited for him to finish. "Will you move in with me... like...get a flat with me?" he asked me. I smiled as him, "Yeah... I'd love to get a flat with you" I smiled as I kissed him gently then he deepened the kiss.

A few days past and James and I were viewing a flat until James froze when he saw who was helping us find a flat. "Babe?" I asked him, he looked at me and forced a smile then sighed. "That's Tris' ex girlfriends mother" he said. I looked back at the lady and it all clicked into place, I'd met her once before at one of Tris' birthday parties. She walked over to us followed by her daughter, Tris' ex, Rachel. "Sorry that my daughter is here today, she wants to follow in my footsteps, so I'm showing her what it entails" she smiled. "It's okay Mrs Brown" I smiled. She smiled back and showed us around the flat. Both James and I loved it so we went back to the office and signed the papers and put down a deposit.

We got home that afternoon and just as we both sat down on the sofa the doorbell rang. James sighed as he stood up and answered it. Moments later Rachel was standing in front of me. "She's looking for Tris" James said. "He's out with Jaz today, he took her to the cinema to see a films, she's been begging him to go with her for a week" I said. Rachel's face dropped "He's got another girlfriend?" she asked. Both James and I nodded as Tris and Jaz walked into the livingroom. Tris stopped mid-sentence and froze. "Rachel?" he asked. She nodded before Jaz kissed Tristan's cheek" I need to pick up Jai from school, see yah later babe" she said as Tris nodded before pecking her lips as she left. Tris looked at Rachel as the door closed behind Jaz. Rachel walked up to Tris and smiled sadly "Hey" she said. Tris looked at her "What are you doing here Rachel?" he asked her. She looked up at him "I'm still in love with you" she said, which made Tris' face drop.

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