I was eight months pregnant and Brad and Meghan had moved into a three bedroom flat two months ago. Chloe had moved in with Con and Tris. I was sat in the livingroom while I watched Connor and Chloe playing tonsil tennis while I tried to watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Tris was upstairs turning Brad’s old room into the baby’s room. I gave up and walked upstairs to find Tris painting the walls a soft cream colour from the dark blue Brad had on his walls. “Hey you shouldn’t be up here” he said as he stopped. “I got bored watching Connor and Chloe playing tonsil tennis” I said as he placed his hands on my bump. He nodded “Yeah that gets boring after a while” he said. I nodded as he looked at me. “Want to move in with me?” he asked. I looked at him, “As in get a flat together or move in here?” I asked him. “In here?” he asked. I looked at him “I’d prefer it if we got a flat but yeah I’ll move in here with you” I smiled. He smiled and kissed me gently.

The next day I moved all my clothes in, we had decided for me not to move all of my things in until we got a flat. I sat in the livingroom with the girls as the boys helped Tris find room in his room for my things. I was sat next to Meghan on one sofa while Tam and Chloe sat next to each other on the other sofa while we all drank tea. Suddenly Tam and Chloe started arguing “You’re bitching about me behind my back?” Chloe screamed. “What the hell? No I’m not, why would I?” Tam said as calmly as she could. I looked at Keavy as I stood up and left to go the kitchen. “Yes you are! I trusted you!” Chloe screamed. I heard Tam groan as Meghan tried to calm Chloe down. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw James and Connor walk into the livingroom just as Tam ran out crying. I stood in the kitchen rubbing my bump as I ignored the aching pains in my sides as James ran out after Tam. I could hear Chloe sobbing and Connor hushing to her to get her to calm down. Meghan came into the kitchen and sighed as she put her cup in the sink “Are you okay?” she asked me. I nodded. “Yeah, I’m okay, is this the first time they’ve argued?” I asked her. Meghan nodded her head “Yeah it is” she said as Tris and Brad came down the stairs. “Done” Brad smiled as he kissed Meghan’s cheek. I smiled as Tris held my hips from behind and rested his chin on my head. The four of us spoke until Brad and Meghan went home. Both Tris and I sat on the couch opposite Con and Chloe as he held her close to him.

Hours past by watching random movies and T.V. shows, until I felt dull shooting pain shoot through my abdomen. I screwed my face up and rubbed my bump. “Are you okay?” Chloe asked me. I nodded my head “Yeah, just abit crampy, I’m gonna walk it off” I said as I stood up and walked aimlessly around the house as I rubbed my bump and groaned slightly.

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