It was nearing on about nine at night and someone knocked on the door. Connor shot up and answered the door. "Guys this is Chloe, the girl I'm currently dating, Chloe this is, James, Tamara, Brad, Meghan, Tristan and Jaz, they're my best friends so please get along with them" Connor said as Chloe sat next to me. I moved closer to Tristan so there was room for Connor.

As the night went by, Chloe was really sweet and Connor was really lucky to have her. James and Tamara had gone to bed, as had Brad and Meghan. It was about eleven and I had no idea how I'd get home. "Come on Chloe, bed time" Connor said as he and Chloe stood up. "Tris are you okay having Jaz stay in your room?" Connor asked "Wait, hang on, since when was I staying over?" I asked Connor. "Come on Jaz, it's eleven at night and you live on the other side of town, there isn't a bus from here to there at this time, Tris doesn't bite, you'll be safe with him" Connor said as he planted a kiss on my forehead before heading upstairs to bed with Chloe. I looked at Tristan as he looked at me. "You can have my bed, I'll crash on the sofa" he said as he stood up. "I don't have a change of clothes" I pointed out as he switched the telly off. I stood up "I can lend you a top" he said.

As we got to Tristan's room, he switched the light on and closed the curtains, then moved over to his drawers and pulled out a long sleeved top. "You're smaller than me, try this one" he said. I took it from him and he left. I started to get ready and when I pulled on Tristan's top, it hung on my body like a tent. I sighed as I made my way to the bathroom only to find Tristan brushing his teeth. "Sorry" I whispered as I tried to leave. "Here, spare toothbrush" he said throwing an unopened toothbrush at me. "Thanks, I'll wait until you've finished" I said. "Don't be silly" he said pulling me into the bathroom.

I stood next to him as we brushed our teeth. I was about 7 to 8 inches shorter than him. As we left the bathroom Tristan walked me to his bedroom "My top looks good on you" he said. I looked down then looked back up only to have lips crash to mine.

He pulled away before looking at me, "I've wanted to do that since the second I saw you" he whispered. I looked at him and gave up the fight, he was gorgeous and there was no denying it. I grabbed his top and kissed him again. He pushed me against the wall, shut the door and turned the light off. I felt his hand in mine as he led me to his bed. We both lay down under the covers before I felt Tristan's hot breath down my neck. He started to kiss my neck and jaw line before finding my lips. He got abit more passionate and slowly lay on top of me. I kissed him abit harder as he slid his hand up my leg. As his hand ran up my side, I pulled away. "We've just met Tristan, I don't want to rush into anything to fast" I whispered. "I understand I just get carried away" he said as he lay next to me. I turned onto my side only for Tristan to spoon me. We talked for a while before falling asleep in eachother's arms.

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